Bloomin' Easy Plants

The Peach Lemonade Rose is Pink and Sweet

When you see the words peach lemonade, you might picture yourself on the porch swing sipping on a refreshing, springtime beverage. To me, that sounds like a killer drink and I just might have to stir up a batch once the weather warms up!

Well, we're not here to talk about drinks today. Have you ever heard of Peach Lemonade Roses? It happens to be a new, low-maintenance rose variety introduced a few years ago that's brightening up every garden.

Sure, you can find a variety of rose bushes in just about any color of the rainbow: red, yellow, orange, purple, you name it. But these multi-colored Peach Lemonade Roses are something special. The flowers begin as a vibrant lemon-yellow color and then gradually change to white and blush pink.

Since it continues to bloom all season, you'll be able to have a colorful display of yellow, white, and pink roses all at the same time, which is beautiful and unique. Turns out, this shrub rose variety is easier to grow than you might expect. Before planting, keep in mind that they'll need a space with full sun or a spot that provides about 6 hours of direct sunlight each day as well as fertile, well-drained soil.

Growing about 3 feet tall and wide, Peach Lemonade Roses are petite and do not require you to prune as much as other shrub rose varieties. Another great thing about this rose variety is that they're disease resistant and overall easy to maintain.

If you're interested in planting Peach Lemonade Roses this Spring, do so after the last frost in your area. Most plants come to you in a two-quart container. Check the soil in the container and if it's too dry, just water thoroughly.  Dig a hole deep enough, loosen the roots and place the plant into the hole. Fill in with soil and water thoroughly.

Water at least once a week and during the morning hours so the soil isn't too wet during the evening and overnight. It's also recommended to add a layer of manure or compost to the plant. If you're already a fan of these Peach Lemonade Roses, now is the time or order some from your local garden center. These roses will start flowering early summer (around June) and will continue to brighten up your garden all the way through September.