Patsy Cline
Screengrab via YouTube

This 90-Year-Old Grandma's Patsy Cline Rewrite Will Make You Laugh


A grandma named Vera is taking the internet by storm with her rendition of a Patsy Cline classic. Growing older may have its disadvantages, sure. But, the 90-year-old sure knows how to take to the bright side of things. She had the whole room laughing when she let loose with her rewrite of "I Fall to Pieces."

Her granddaughter, Tifany Richardson, published the videos on her social media pages earlier this month. Since their Oct. 2 release, Vera's performance has garnered over 5 million views on Facebook alone. With the scene set at her birthday party, things began with a simple question from the grandmother.

"Does anyone remember Patsy Cline and 'I Fall to Pieces'? Well, I rewrote it and I dedicated it to seniors and it's 'We Fall to Pieces,'" Vera told the crowd. "And if any of you young people think it's not true, I have news for you!"

Written by Hank Cochran and Harlan Howard, "I Fall to Pieces" in its original form is a classic country breakup song. Furthermore, the single is regarded as one of Patsy Cline's most well-known hits. Yet, even for a song so well regarded, most probably can't say they've heard it like Vera does it before.

In "We Fall to Pieces," Vera holds no mercy towards her fellow old-timers. The wily grandmother shifts the song's focus from holding a flame for an ex-lover to falling to pieces "just when it's time to have fun." At one point in her Cline rewrite, she garners plenty of laughter for a line about falling and not being able to get up.

This 90-year-old woman makes the detriments of growing old abundantly clear in her song. Yet, it's all in good nature for her. She showcases an obvious love for country music in honoring Patsy Cline in such an unorthodox way, and seems to be having a whole lot of fun doing it.