90-Year-Old Veteran Gets Emotional When Presented with Surprise Diploma

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90-year-old veteran George Fricovsky, Sr. recently accomplished a lifelong dream of his, earning his high school diploma. The World War II veteran left to bravely serve his country at the young age of 17. He never got the chance to finish high school.

A hand grenade, thrown by German soldiers, hit Fricovsky in France in 1945. Then, he was honorably discharged and later awarded a Purple Heart, according to ABC News.

"Over the years, my grandfather would occasionally mention feeling unaccomplished because he never got to get his diploma," said George's grandson, David Walsh. Walsh, the Vice Principal at a high school in Taylor, Penn., wanted to do something special to honor his beloved grandfather. So, he invited him to visit the school.

Fricovsky was under the impression that he was going to say the Pledge of Allegiance at a school board meeting. What he didn't know, however, is that he was in for a surprise. Over 70 years after leaving high school, the veteran finally received his diploma. Watch the emotional ceremony in the video below. Warning: you may want to grab a tissue.

What a well deserved achievement. "I'm just so happy we were able to do this for him," Walsh told ABC News. "He's an amazing grandfather who's always looking to get a smile out of somebody."

Kudos to the family for being able to pull of such a special moment. Also, many thanks to George for his years of service. It's great to see inspiring stories about our veterans covered in today's news.

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90-Year-Old Veteran Gets Emotional When Presented with Surprise Diploma