Texas Grandma's Photo Edit of Late ('Not So Nice') Husband Goes Viral

We all have photos of family and loved ones on our walls and dressers. But what happens when you face a breakup? Divorce? Or found out your friend was lying to you? People usually will say the easy answer of getting rid of the photo or changing it out for another.

This grandma did the opposite.

Peggy Zundel went recently viral after her granddaughter, Rebecca Fletcher, posted her grandma's "photoshop" skills to Facebook. Fletcher was visiting for a nephew's birthday when she noticed a photo of Zundel and her former husband, with DiCaprio's mug now in his place.

"Grandma is feisty," Fletcher told Dallasnew.com. "But she is the sweetest, tiniest and cutest lady."

Retired at 80, Zundel admits she isn't the biggest fan of DiCaprio, but when her daughter was visiting she got the idea of replacing the photo.

"He wasn't the nicest man," Zundel said. "But it's the only picture I have of me that's worth looking at."

Apparently, Zundel wanted to keep the photo because of how great she looks in her fancy shirt and curly hair.

That's when she and her daughter got to work. Perusing through magazines and newspapers they found a match.

"I was looking for anyone with a nice face," Zundel said. "It just so happened to fit that picture."

Zundel is not active on social media, but she is happy that everyone is able to find this funny for a good laugh.

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