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'Outer Range' Recap Episodes 5 & 6: Does Royal Abbott Go Too Far?


Warning, spoilers ahead for Outer Range season 1.

We're now only a week away from the finale of Amazon Prime Video's new western series Outer Range, and I have a feeling it's going to be an ending we don't see coming. Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) continues to feel the pressure of discovering why there's a mysterious black void in his west pasture and episode 5, "The Soil," leads him down an interesting new path for answers. Episode 6, "The Family," shows his sons Perry and Rhett dealing with the repercussions of covering up Trevor's murder. Not to mention their mysterious camper, Autumn, seems to know a lot more than she's letting on. What exactly is she hiding?

Here are the seven most notable moments from Outer Range episodes 5 and 6. The last two episodes of season 1 will be available to stream on Amazon Prime on Friday, May 6.

Episode 5

Imogen Poots as Autumn in a scene from 'Outer Range'

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  • We pick up the episode after Wayne Tillerson knocks out Royal by the mysterious void in his west pasture. Excited, Wayne rushes home but has a stroke as he walks into the house. We see his memory of discovering the void as a child. To his surprise, a child reaches up out from inside and grabs his leg. (Do we think this is a 9-year-old Royal?)
  • Cecelia is struggling. She catches Autumn snooping around the house for her necklace that Royal won in a hand of poker. As she's kicking her out, Autumn proceeds to ask some strange questions making Cecelia wary of her and Royal's evasiveness pretty much the entire episode.
  • Royal swiped a business card from Wayne's house who he finds at a university. He drives out to ask the woman about her meeting with Wayne and shows her Autumn's necklace. She looks intrigued and offers to look into it but Royal notices a photo on her wall that has the woman standing at a construction site with the same logo he saw on the construction site that was inside the void. He quickly leaves and starts looking into the company...BY9.
  • Joy is still looking into Trevor's death and has a dishwasher from the bar confirming that he actually saw Perry fighting Trevor outside in the parking lot. She starts questioning everything including whether she thinks Perry could be behind his wife's disappearance.
  • Cecelia goes with her Bible study group to deliver food to Patricia Tillerson and is shaken by the awkward encounter. She comes home to find a dead bear cub outside the house and drags it out to a work shack on the property.
  • Perry goes into town and runs into Autumn who is loitering around hoping to run into Royal. He takes her to a bar and opens up about his wife, explaining how the last time he saw her they had an argument.
  • Royal comes back home late and smashes Autumn's necklace open, curious to understand what exactly it's made of. Black dust covers his hands and he looks out into the garage to see his body laying on the ground unconscious with Cecelia holding his hand. Autumn stands over them and looks up to make eye contact with him before the scene fades away.

Episode 6

Kitchen scene from 'Outer Range' breaking up a fight between Perry and Rhett

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  • Royal finds Autumn standing by the void where she asks for her necklace back. He tells her he'll drive her to her camp but terrifies her by driving her way too fast on an ATV up the mountain. Autumn falls off and demands her necklace which Royal tells her he destroyed. She tries to tell him it was made of a special mineral that is in the soil of his property and furious, he leaves her in the middle of nowhere and goes to burn down her camp.
  • Deputy Sheriff Joy really wants to prosecute the Abbotts for Trevor's death but based on the coroner's report that he had only been dead for 8 hours upon discovery, she can't get any support to move forward. She's also dealing with issues at home because her wife isn't pleased with the family getting dragged into the Tillerson case or Joy's ambitions for the upcoming election which led to a seriously awkward visit to the local church.
  • Autumn has been left out in the woods, injured from falling off the ATV. She's trying to make her way down to her camp when a bear crosses her path. She immediately jumps to the ground to play dead and the bear walks over to her, looking her in the eye. We hear a faint whisper "show him" before the bear walks off.
  • Rhett goes to Maria's house the morning after they spend the night together but Maria tells him that she can't be with him because she doesn't want to spend her life in their hometown. She also knows he'll never leave his family and she doesn't approve of whatever it is he's covering up for Perry.
  • Luke and Patricia discover that Wayne's latest draft of his will leaves everything to Billy. Patricia is determined to change this without Billy knowing about it. Meanwhile, Billy runs into Autumn while he's hunting in the woods and she shows him the void.
  • After discovering her camp burned down, Autumn makes a mysterious call to someone demanding money so she can get a hotel room and refill her medication that got destroyed. She also calls Perry Abbott and tells him she wants to tell the police Royal killed Trevor because she saw him dump the body.
  • Perry returns to the house to inform his family that he left a letter for the sheriff admitting everything in order to save Royal. Rhett, angry at what he gave up (Maria) to cover for him, attacks him and a fight ensues. The kitchen gets destroyed and Amy gets a cut on her head in the process. The episode ends with the flashing lights of a police car approaching the ranch.

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