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Josh Brolin's Daughter Eden Plays Mia On 'Yellowstone'

The Brolin family is legendary in Hollywood. Grandfather James Brolin is an Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor currently married to Barbra Streisand and Josh Brolin has become an icon over the years. Known for No Country for Old Men, American Gangster, True Grit, and playing supervillain Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the man has done it all. But the Brolin talent doesn't stop there. Josh's daughter Eden Brolin, from his marriage to Alice Adair, has proven that she has quite the acting chops, going into the family business. Proving that she is equally comfortable on the Wild West as her father, she booked the role of Mia on the Paramount Network's Yellowstone

You might assume that just having the last name "Brolin" in Los Angeles would mean it was an easy road for Eden to become a working actress...after all, it seems like celeb kids just follow in their parents' footsteps overnight. But that was certainly not the case here. Eden put in a lot of hard work and had to steadily audition for four years before landing her first big gig. 

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"So, I don't want to say that acting was something that I felt resigned to, but I was willing to explore it and continue being in the frame of mind where I have other things that I've enjoyed doing," Eden told Parade. "I did other jobs that I didn't mind at all. This is something that has continued to fall into place for me, and I'm allowing that to happen."


Eden's first film role came in a small part in Ruby Sparks followed by I Dream Too Much, Emerald City, Blood Bound, Back Fork, Arkansas, an episode of Code Black, and the TV film Manson's Lost Girls. She also had a recurring role playing Charlie Singer on the Freeform series Beyond. But the role that is really getting Eden's name out there is playing Jimmy's (Jefferson White) love interest Mia on Yellowstone. Similar to her character, Eden grew up riding horses so it wasn't a huge stretch for her when she was invited to audition for one of the new bunkhouse ladies last season. Initially, she auditioned for the role of Teeter, which ended up going to Jen Landon. But Taylor Sheridan and the other producers knew that Eden would be perfect for Mia, who is a barrel racer on the show. 

"Barrel racers are incredible women and a little bit out of their minds for choosing a career like barrel racing because it's fast and it's crazy," Eden says.

Outside of the Dutton ranch, Eden currently lives in the countryside of upstate New York and is in a band called Atta Boy. This definitely isn't the last we've seen of Eden Brolin and we can't wait to follow along with her career.

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