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Here's Everything You Need To Make An Outdoor Office Space

The pandemic over the past year has definitely made sure that traditional office buildings are a thing of the past for the foreseeable future. More and more people have had to come up with a home office workspace, which, at times, can make your work-life balance a bit difficult. It can be overwhelming working from home when your office space is also your living space, or your bedroom, or even your kitchen. A good way to brighten up your workday is to spend some quality time out in the fresh air...so why not get set up to have an outdoor office?

Your backyard can be a nice little getaway as well as a place to change it up to work outside when the weather is nice. Here's everything you'll need to perfect your outdoor workspace.

1. Pergola

It's less than ideal when you can't see anything outside because the sun is so bright, so get a pergola to block out those pesky rays. It will serve you when you're outside working as well as provide welcome shade all summer long when you're outside spending quality time with family and friends.

2. A Shed

Find an outdoor garden shed with ventilation, windows, and wide doors that you can leave open while you're outside working, and viola! It's now an office shed. If it gets too hot you might need to invest in an extension cord to bring a fan in there with you but during the springtime months, it should be incredibly pleasant just leaving the doors open!

3. Camping Table

You don't need a high-quality desk or fancy outdoor furniture when you're working outside. A folding table will do just fine and can hold your laptop and morning coffee in place.

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4. Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Another good way to block the sun from your computer is with this helpful screen protector. It definitely beats sitting outside working in sunglasses all day.

5. Balcony Folding Table

You can have a backyard office even if you don't have a yard! Get one of these folding tables to attach to your balcony and you're in business. This is especially helpful if you live in an apartment or are based somewhere like New York or Chicago where yards are hard to come by.

6. Power Strip Tower

If you're going to be outside for long periods of time you'll probably need multiple chargers going at once between your phone, computer, and whatever else you're bringing with you. Don't overwhelm the few outdoor outlets you have and get one of these towers instead to keep you charged up all day.

7. Indoor/Outdoor Rug

A rug makes everything cozier inside so why not make your outdoor area homier? Get something like this that's weather-resistant so it won't get moldy when it rains. You can put it out on your balcony, patio, or even inside your outdoor shed to make things just a little more comfortable.

8. Bar Cart

Outdoor greenery is definitely nice to make a space feel complete but what about a stocked bar cart so you don't have to go inside anytime you want to take a break? This particular model has a cooler so you can fill it with ice in the morning and stock it up with drinks and snacks that you can take advantage of throughout the workday.





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