Oak Ridge Boys Singer Duane Allen Says Last Six Months Have Been Hard After Wife's Death
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Oak Ridge Boys Singer Duane Allen Says Last Six Months Have Been Hard After Wife's Death

The Oak Ridge Boys singer Duane Allen has had a hard year. On Easter, the singer lost his wife Nora Lee Allen after she passed away from an illness. The singer has been struggling to cope with his grief in the days since.

In a social media post, Allen admitted that the past few months have been hard. It's not just his wife passing but various changes in his life that have been hard. Still, the Oak Ridge Boys singer appreciates all of the support and love that fans have given him.

He wrote, "Hello everyone.....The last six months have been a whirlwind of things in my life.....I think everyone must go through periods of times like this, but, this has been my hardest yet......With joe bonsall retireing from the road to my beautiful wife going to be with jesus on easter morning, this six months has pulled me in all directions.....I just found a lot of sympathy and birthday wishes posts that I did not know I had.....A "Lot" of them....I am so sorry that I have not responded, but, I am now.....Thank you all so much.....I am a year older, and I am trying to stay busy......Thank you all for checking on me."

Oak Ridge Boys Singer Refects On Grief

It's the first time Allen has opened up in recent months. In the immediate aftermath of his wife's death, Allen struggled to deal with his grief. He said that he felt overwhelmed by all of the memories of her. 

He wrote, "I am so humbled and honored that you are here. I have been so overwhelmed with all of your love, support, and prayers. Since my norah lee went to her new home. My big old home is filled with memories of everything that she put there. Our home was her castle. She has things that have beeen collected for over 6 decades, and even further as she collected things from her parents and grandparents, and so did I."

The singer expressed a desire to preserve as much as he could of his wife's memory.

He said, "It is so hard sifting through all of the memories that each mean so much to me and her, but now, there is only me to enjoy it. I do have my precious family, and we are beginning to organizize each piece and deep clean every inch of our big home. Every photo, trinket, award, photo, memory and keep sake is being handld with kid gloves."