Norwood movie
Singer and actor Glen Campbell, with Joe Namath in their Paramount film, "Norwood" in 1969. (AP Photo)

Glen Campbell's Country Music-Themed Comedy 'Norwood' Hit Theaters a Year After 'True Grit'

A year after his film debut in 1969's True Grit, Glen Campbell worked with actor Kim Darby, author Charles Portis and script writer Marguerite Roberts once again on Norwood. Campbell plays Norwood Pratt, a Marine on his way home from Vietnam to Texas with one dream in mind: performing country songs on the Louisiana Hayride.

Norwood's journey from playing to hippies at a Greenwich Village coffee house to one of country music's most storied radio program introduces us to a rogue's gallery of characters, from military buddy Joe William Reese (played by University of Alabama football legend, NFL star and late '60s heartthrob Joe Namath) and a love interest (Darby as Rita Lee Chipman) to a would-be movie starlet (Tisha Sterling as Marie), a con artist (Pat Hingle as Grady Fring) and a prostitute (Carol Lynley as Yvonne Phillips).

Other stars include TV's Meredith MacRae (as Kay), comedic actor Dom DeLuise (as Bill Bird), Smothers Brothers collaborator Leigh French (as Vernell Bird), character actor David Huddleston (as Uncle Lonnie), real-life country disc jockey Sammy Jackson (as Wayne T.E.B. Walker), singer and actor Cass Daley (in her final film role (per IMDB) as Mrs. Remley), Hollywood mainstay Billy Curtis (as Edmund B. Ratner) and director Jack Haley Jr.'s father, Jack Haley (as Mr. Reese).

The countrified comedy features songs by Mac Davis (including the memorable "Down Home," "Repo Man" and "I'll Paint You a Song") and other songwriters.

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Norwood premiered in Dallas on May 21, 1970. It made over $1.7 million at the box office and in video rentals in both the US and Canada.

Despite being in two memorable films in back-to-back years, Campbell did not return to the big screen until a 1980 role in Clint Eastwood's Any Which Way You Can.

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