Texas Sunflower Field
Flickr: Adam Diaz

North Texas is a Sunflower Wonderland with Over 24,000 Acres Across 3 Counties

Nothing quite says sunshine like driving with the windows down past a field of flowers. Luckily for Texans, the Lone Star State has some of the most beautiful wildflowers you could find, and this incredible Northern Texas sunflower field is no exception. Move over bluebonnets; sunflowers are the new main attraction of the season with tons of photo opportunities. And the best part is it's an excellent activity in these current COVID-19 times because it's easy to social distance as you're strolling through the beautiful Texas family farm of flowers. Just like visiting a pumpkin patch or corn maze in the fall, a sunflower season is a fun day trip for the whole family during the summer, especially in early June.

Located just south of Dallas and Fort Worth, outside Ellis County, the sunflower field is the perfect warm-weather destination for Texas locals. It's unclear how many acres of sunflowers the area actually takes up in the small town, but it's clearly very vast and a bucket list item to add to your travel wish list. In 2013, The Columbus Dispatch reported that sunflower farms were beginning to take off in North Texas along I-35W. Sunflowers thrive in dry climates and are fairly hardy, able to survive where few other flowers can. The paper noted that between 2008 and 2013, "the number of acres planted in Texas' Ellis, Hill, and Navarro counties [had] grown from about 2,000 to 24,000."

It's unexpected that this little piece of beautiful sunflower heaven is so close to a big city like Dallas. You'd think you'd have to drive all the way out to the Texas Hill Country to find something as stunning as this field of sunflowers. This field would be an excellent place for family photos, engagement pictures, etc., but make sure you don't clash with the bright yellow of the flowers. They really should be the star attraction after all. It's really not a terribly far drive for those based in Houston, Austin, or San Antonio either...some family fun is just a few hours away! Not to mention all of the fun photo ops waiting for you at the end of the quick road trip. You could even consider hiring a professional photographer to meet you there and get ahead of the curve on your Christmas card planning.

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If you're able to make it up to visit, this field is pretty easy to find. It's between Avalon and Blooming Grove along Highway 55. Considering how big and bright the flowers are, it really shouldn't be hard to see. It's definitely one of the best-kept spring secrets in North Texas, and I can't wait to visit myself!

This article was originally published in July, 2020.

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