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Move over Bluebonnets, This Giant Texas Tulip Field is a Must-See Each Spring


Anyone thinking about spring flowers in Texas probably immediately thinks of bluebonnets. But did you know that North Texas has some incredible tulip farms to visit? More specifically, Poston Gardens in Waxahachie is a can't miss experience with one of the largest tulip fields you'll ever see.

Across 60-acres, a family of true tulip farmers from Holland works the farm, which is an incredible sight to see. It's only a 30-minute drive south of Dallas and looks like you were transported straight to the Netherlands. The entrance fee is only $15 for adults during the week and $20 on the weekends. For seniors, it will be $12 during the week and $15 on the weekends and $5 for children 2-15 regardless of the day. $5 Prepaid parking online includes 6 tulips ($12 value) or you can pick your own tulips for $3/each. I can't even imagine how much longer a fresh bouquet of newly picked tulip bulbs would last compared to what you buy from the grocery store. Tulip season generally starts when the tulips are in full bloom from late February to early March until early April when the weather starts getting warmer.

Another really cool thing about Poston Gardens is it is directly affiliated with Daymark Living, which is a center for adults with intellectual disabilities. One dollar from each tulip sale goes towards helping the residents with scholarship opportunities, and they are even able to help work onsite with the beautiful tulips.

If you can't get enough of the Texas-tulips, you can make a trip up to Pilot Point, roughly an hour north of DFW. Also started by Holland transplants, Piet & Afra Koeman first got into farming when all they had was a spade and a handful of onion seeds. They started a horticultural farm but decided to move to the United States in 2011 and settled on Texas. This farm has a slightly lower entrance fee at $5/person and $2.50/flower.


With around 100 varieties of flowers, this could be an excellent option for your first-time tulip picking. You get a basket and get to wander around the sunny field of flowers, grabbing whatever you'd like. The Texas Tulips team has a unique gel they will put on the flowers to preserve them until you get home. Whichever location you choose, it's fun that we're able to experience a little bit of Holland right in the heart of Texas.

In the meantime, start planning your own glorious garden with these tulip bulbs from Amazon.

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