Perennial Flowers

20 Perennial Flowers To Help Your Garden Last Longer

What exactly are perennial flowers? Well, the easiest definition is a plant that will live over two years. The name "perennial" even means "through the years." These flowers will bloom in the warmer months, die during the winter and come back the next spring — with careful maintenance.

These 20 perennial flowers will not only brighten up your garden, but they'll also make your green thumb so much easier to achieve.

1. Mesa Yellow Blanket Flower

Perennial Flowers

How pretty is the coloring on these Perennial Flowers? (Flickr)

This bushy yellow flower blooms from early to late summer. Keep these flowers in full sun and well-drained, moist soils.

2. Pink Cloud

Perennial Flowers

The Pink Cloud Perennial Flowers is perfect in a rocky environment. (Flickr)

These pink flowers are expected to bloom from late spring through fall. Considered a herbaceous perennial, these will thrive in the sun, humidity and heat, so put them in a rock garden in the sun.

3. Moonshine Plant

Perennial Flowers

These Perennial Flowers are perfect to withstand the heat. (Wikimedia/ David J. Stang)

This is one of the best options to put in a dry and sunny environment. They will thrive during the summer months, blooming anywhere from early summer through fall. Keep these in mild winter conditions.

4. Black Eyed Susan

Perennial Flowers

These well-known Perennial Flowers are well-known in Maryland. (Flickr)

Also known as Rudbeckia hirta, this perennial is a Native American medicinal herb as well as the state flower of Maryland. It blooms in early summer in full sun. It's considered a low maintenance plant and needs medium water.  

5. Shasta Daisy

Perennial Flowers

These are the most cheerful Perennial Flowers. (Flickr)

These cheery daisies will bloom in summer and fall so it's recommended to plant them in early spring. They need full sun but can handle most any soil type.

6. Russian Sage

Perennial Flowers

These Perennial Flowers need as much sun as you can give them. (Flickr)

Make sure to plant these in full sun because any shade will cause them to flop. It's tolerant of the cold and heat and can handle most any soil types. Russian Sage is successfully grown across the American Southwest.

7. Bleeding Heart

Perennial Flowers

These pink Perennial Flowers are such an interested shape. (Flickr)

The Bleeding Heart plant will bloom in early spring and needs regular watering to keep the soil nice and moist. Keep this in the shade or at least partial shade for the best maintenance.

8. Red Hot Poker

Perennial Flowers

These colorful Perennial Flowers need plenty of water in the hot weather. (Flickr)

Also known as Kniphofia, these flowers will bloom in the summer. Though they need consistent watering as needed in the warmer months, they can dry out in the fall and winter. This multi-colored plant needs as much time in the sun as possible to thrive.

9. Moonbeam Plant

Perennial Flowers

The Moonbeam plant will bloom in the summer months. (Flickr)

These pretty yellow flowers will bloom from June to August. Easily grown in medium moisture, keep the soil well-drained in full sun. These flowers can handle the heat and humidity and do well in sandy or rocky soils as long as there is good drainage.

10. Coral Bells

Perennial Flowers

These pretty Perennial Flowers are native to woodsy, shaded areas.

These pretty pink flowers grow naturally in wooded areas. Mimic those conditions in your garden with shaded light and limited watering.

11. Butterfly Bush

These long purple flowers bloom from summer to fall. They need full sun to thrive and need to be planted in either the spring or fall before any frost. Make sure they receive thorough watering with well-drained soil.

12. Purple Coneflower

Perennial Flowers

These Perennial Flowers from the daisy family do best in the sun. (Flickr)

From the daisy family, these grow across the United States in dry prairies and in open wooded areas. Perfect to cheer up your garden in mid-summer, these need full sun and average moisture.

13. Delphinium

Perennial Flowers

These lovely blue Perennial Flowers do best in cooler weather.

These blue flowers need moist, cool summers and will not do well in hot or dry weather. Make sure to keep these out of the rain as well. Delphinium will do well in full or partial sun.

14. Bells of Ireland

Perennial Flowers

These Perennial Flowers are bright green with tiny white flowers. (Wikimedia)

Also known as shell flowers, Bells of Ireland need to be plated right after the last frost. The tiny white flowers hidden inside their green shells are nice and fragrant. They need full sun and have a moderate tolerance for the frost, making them a decent option to withstand the winter months.  

15. Coreopsis 'Mango Punch'

Perennial Flowers

These Perennial Flower do well in the hot summer months.

These peachy flowers will bloom from early summer to fall. Preferring full sun the Coreopsis will tolerate partial shade during the hot summer months, especially in rock gardens.

16. Daylily

Perennial Flowers

This Perennial Flower is one of the best.

The Daylily is often referred to as "the perfect perennial" since it can survive frost, drought and withstand various weather conditions, soil types and light conditions. They will bloom anytime from early spring to early autumn.

17. Hydrangea

Fall is the best time to plant hydrangeas. Put them in partial shade, where they get morning sun and are protected from the harsh afternoon rays. Keep them moist but not overly watered.

18. Foam Flower

Perennial Flowers

The Foam Flower is a woodsy Perennial Flower. (Flickr)

The foam flower is native to woodsy areas so it thrives in the shade with partial sun. Make sure the soil is moist but well-drained.

19. Peony

Perennial Flowers

The Peony is a popular and easy to maintain Perennial Flower. (Flickr)

The Peony will bloom in the spring, thriving with full or partial sun and neutral soil.

20. Deadnettle

Perennial Flowers

The Deadnettle is a good shady Perennial Flower.

These perennials do best in partial shade blooming across spring, summer, and fall. These are one of the easiest perennials to care for needing minimal maintenance.

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