Night Sky Petunias Look Like Outer Space Landed on the Ground of Your Garden

Plants that open their petals at night are lovely, but have you ever seen a plant that looks like the starry sky? Night sky petunias look like Van Gogh painted them. They are so breathtaking. The white spots look like stars, and the solid purple petals look like a beautiful night sky. It's truly out of this world.

These purple flowers are petunia cultivars, also known as galaxy flowers, which is no surprise. If you are someone who loves stargazing, you might feel like you're looking into a pair of binoculars as you admire the unique petunia night sky.

Where to Buy Night Sky Petunias

Dichondra 200pcs Petunia 'Night Sky Blue' Flowers Seeds

Night sky petunias are popular houseplants and can found in hanging baskets in outdoor gardens. (I recommend planting them in your garden, hummingbirds love them.) Petunia seeds are available on Amazon, and they have five-star reviews. Late spring and early summer planting will result in seeing night sky blooms until the first fall frost. The flowering growth habit is really something to watch.

Night Sky Petunia Care

Once you get your night sky petunia seeds, it's time to get the process started. It's simple to care for petunia plants, but there are a few tips and tricks that will keep your young plant's life cycle long during the growing season. This petunia variety, like all petunias, are annual plants, which means it only lasts a year. Used as a bedding plant or in window boxes, growers love the foliage color and ease of care of these plants.

Petunias love full sun! If you live in cooler temperatures, you may have trouble with germination. It's been said that the warmer the climate, the better chance you have with the night sky petunia plants vibrant purple flower color and white speckles.

These are not your average petunias flowers, y'all. Be sure to prune and let your petunias experience some cooler night temperatures for an abundance of white dots. Be sure also to visit your local garden center, you may be able to find full-grown plants for your home and tips on transplant care in your hardiness zone. That'll help if you weren't mounding an early June planting.

The petunia flower's want for high light and a cooler temperature means it's not drought resistant, but it is drought tolerant, and some sources say wilting from less water will result in bigger white spots. Personally, it's the purple that does it for me.

They are new pollinators, so don't be surprised if you have a bit of trouble finding one at the Home Depot. Night sky flowers are a headliner gift for gardeners, stargazers, or even art lovers in your life.

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This post was originally published on March 20, 2020.