Summer Wreath

6 Gorgeous Wreaths to Welcome Summertime

Now that it's hot outside, it's time to consider updating summer decor and what better place to start than with your door decorations? Sometimes your front door is a place where we forget to add home decor items, but adding a fun flower wreath can not only brighten up the front porch space but will make you smile every time you walk up to your door.

Continue reading below for our top front door wreaths that are perfect for summer. All you need is your wreath hanger and your door will be ready for the season.

1. Hydrangea Wreath

This beautiful floral wreath is perfect for your front door and you can put it together yourself in 10 minutes. This has to be one of the easiest DIY wreaths of all time.

2. Daisy Wreath

This just looks like a summer wreath. Daisy's are such a happy flower and their white petals instantly brighten up any space, even if it's your front door or porch.

Find this wreath here.

3. Succulent Wreath

Succulents are the one plant I can't kill so I feel confident that even I could get away with making this really cool succulent wreath. Plus, these are low maintenance plants so it should be able to last you the entire summer season.

4. Lemon Wreath

I just love the lemons on this wreath. The bright yellow is so cheerful and the fruit just makes you feel like its summer time. Plus you get Prime shipping so what more could you want?

Find this wreath here.

5. Tulip Wreath

Colorful tulips are always an excellent choice for summer door wreaths. This DIY project looks so easy and you get to pick whatever color of tulips you like the best. I'm partial to the pink though because they really go with the season.

6. Yellow Sunflower Wreath

This is also a solid spring wreath that could last you both seasons. The wildflowers alongside the sunflowers really make this feel special.

Find this wreath here.

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