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A Man 'Whacked' Nicole Kidman at the Opera and Keith Urban Was Not Having It

In January, Keith Urban had an awkward run-in with a fellow opera goer who didn't approve of what he viewed as a breach of opera etiquette. It all started when Urban's wife Nicole Kidman, stood for an ovation during a performance of The Merry Widow at the Sydney Opera House.

Instead of politely addressing the famous couple, an audience member sitting behind them allegedly swatted Kidman with his opera program.

"We didn't know you're not supposed to stand in the opera," Urban told the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Australia's KIIS FM (quote via Today). "We're sitting down, we're with Nic's mom and we're clapping. It was a bloody great performance, it was so good, and I'm looking around, and we're cheering and cheering, everybody's cheering, and I look around and I see a few people standing, and a few more, and I went, 'Oh, bloody hell, I'm getting up. And I stood up, and then this guy behind me just like whacked, not me, Nic. Just like really hit her with a program."

Understandably annoyed with this treatment of his wife, Urban got into a verbal altercation with the man. Urban, Kidman and Kidman's mother were escorted from the opera house by security, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

"Violence at the opera ensued," Urban joked. "It was a bit of a pickle that I was in because you know, you're a husband, you want to defend your wife, but I'm like, what the hell? It took a lot of restraint."

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Urban said that while he couldn't stand for someone disrespecting his wife, he acknowledges that was unknowlingly breaking a tradition.

"I think I just looked at him I said, 'It's a standing ovation,' like I didn't know I'm not allowed to (do it)," Urban continued. "At the same time, I get it. I get that there's this thing going on where there's a traditional thing that says you don't do that. I respect that."

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that The Undoing actor was "visibly upset" and someone in the audience even called the police.

"Police have been told a 53-year-old man and a 67-year-old man were both attending the entertainment centre when an argument broke out. Officers spoke to both men and no further action was taken," New South Whales Police said in a statement.

Aside from this cranky gentleman, we bet that most people are pleased to sit near one of country music and Hollywood's cutest couples — whether they're at the opera or the Opry.





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