New Years Eve Movies, "When Harry Met Sally"
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The 30 Best New Year's Eve Movies to Ring in 2024 + Where to Watch Them

Classic movies for a new year.

New Year's Eve is a time for fresh starts and self-reflection — and the best films that incorporate the holiday use it as a backdrop for characters to reexamine their choices or begin life anew.

The new year is a clean slate. The universe picks up its eraser and swipes it across the chalkboard scrawled with the failures of Past You. The missed opportunities. The time wasted. The names of exes. All of these missteps are scrubbed away; and though they may linger faintly, fresh chalk can now begin to leave its mark. The Daniel Day-Lewis-led "The Phantom Thread" uses the holiday to symbolize renewal and change. In "About a Boy," Hugh Grant stars as a man who is forced to grow and mature after meeting a young boy on New Year's.

The holiday forces us to take inventory of our lives. And doing so can be painful if you realize you lack the things you desire most. Finding a kiss as the clock creeps closer to midnight — an ever-stressful event for single people — is explored in "The Sex and the City Movie," where our protagonists rush to find someone with whom they can share that moment, lest they feel a loneliness amplified by the holiday and the surrounding revelers whose lips are spoken for.

Witnessing these moments in film can be a cathartic experience. So, as 2023 comes to a close, here are 30 films to watch as we ring in the new year.

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