The Most Popular National Food Holidays In All 50 States

Who doesn't love a holiday? Everyone has their favorites, and sometimes the more minor celebrations are even more fun than the regular national holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. We think national food holidays are some of the most interesting ones to throw a celebration for, but did you know that different states have different favorite food holidays?

It's true! Simple.Thrifty.Living put together a map of the most popular national food holidays in each of the 50 states, based on the most relative search interest in each state, and the results might surprise you. For instance, we were shocked to see that National Pizza Day was a favorite in Montana, not New York. (It also has fans in Wyoming, Alaska, Iowa, and more.)

What Are Some Favorite National Food Days in Each State?

national food holidays

Let's explore a little further. National Ice Cream Day is a favorite in Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Arkansas is a fan of Fried Chicken Day, while Alabama enjoys National Hamburger Day. National Waffle Day is a semi-popular popular one, with people in New Hampshire and New Mexico enjoying it. (Leslie Knope would be proud!)

Idaho likes National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, and Ohio, Utah, and Washington all like National Doughnut Day (or Donut Day). Missouri, to our surprise, really likes National Noodle Day, and quite a few states have National Pancake Day listed as their fave.

Illinois and Kansas enjoy National Pie Day, while Taco Day is popular in Texas and Oregon. Massachusettes likes National Clam Chowder Day, and Connecticut and Oklahoma both have lots of fans of National Macaroni and Cheese Day. Who knew?

There are also all sorts of national food holidays that aren't even on this map. For instance, there's a National Pecan Day, National Brownie Day, National Peanut Butter Day, and days to celebrate pretzels, sundaes, bagels, banana splits, cupcakes, fudge, grilled cheese, lasagna, nachos, and more. Heck, there are even times to celebrate National Guacamole Day, National Lobster Day, and special occasions to cheer on chicken wings, cashews, french toast, prime rib, tortillas, and plenty of other dishes.

There are more specific treat days, too, like both National Chocolate Cupcake Day and National Vanilla Cupcake Day, National Chocolate Cake Day, National Pastry Day, and National S'mores Day. National dessert days, in general, are well represented, and if you want to fill out your calendar for next year, make sure to add entries for National Cheesecake Day, National Cookie Day, and days for sugar cookies, ice cream sandwiches, marshmallow, mousse, and any others that strike your fancy.

Personally, we will be taking special note of National Coffee Day, and celebrating accordingly.

Check out the full list of favorite food holidays in each state in the image above!

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