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Charcuterie Chalets Are the New Holiday Food Trend

Gingerbread houses are so last year! This winter is all about the charcuterie chalet. An entire charcuterie board built to look like a house, this fun Christmas or New Year's appetizer will wow your family, not only because of how tasty it looks but all the time it took you to position that parmesan snowman and pretzel Christmas tree just right.

What is a Charcuterie Chalet?

Grab your wool coat and don some mittens, you're heading to the alps! Or at least, your tummy is. The idea of the Charcuterie Chalet first popped up in 2019 on social media outlets including Instagram and Pinterest. A take on the traditional gingerbread house, this savory charcuterie chalet will become a yearly holiday tradition. Plus this meat house is a low-carb way to make some Christmastime memories without all the fudge and cookies. It's the keto gingerbread house of the century and it's incredible.

How to Make a Savory Log Cabin

Unlike traditional cookie houses that come in kits, this little cabin is all about creativity! Most people use something stiff like breadsticks or crackers to make the walls. While It might not make it 100% edible I would suggest using a clean box as the base and building off of it, that way you don't have to worry about your DIY holiday house collapsing. Use softened cream cheese as the glue to attach your shingles (slices of salami and prosciutto), add a rosemary wreath, and decorate with cranberries, mozzarella, and little snow tufts of goat cheese.

I'm surprised there isn't a competition show on Food Network putting this food trend to the test this holiday season. I would gladly watch a few chefs battle it out to make the best Charcuterie Chalet.

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