Multiple Injured After Fireworks Fired Straight At Crowd During Jonas Bros 4th Of July Celebration
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Multiple Injured After Fireworks Fired Straight At Crowd During Jonas Bros 4th Of July Celebration: See Insane Video

A 4th of July celebration became a scene of confusion and panic after fireworks ended up firing straight at the crowd. Rather than fired at the air, these air-explosives took aim at a stadium of onlookers.

An initial report read, "Currently, Multiple people are reportedly injured during the national anthem at the opening ceremonies for the Stadium of Fire 4th of July show at LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo, Utah. Officials from the police department say the incident happened just after the jet flyover, when fireworks malfunctioned and shot into the stands, injuring multiple people. At least five mortars shot directly into the audience."

The incident happened at Brigham Young University's campus in Provo, Utah. The campus held its 4th of July celebration, called Stadium of Fire, at LaVell Edwards Stadium on Thursday, according to ABC4. Fireworks injured several when they exploded in the crowd during the national anthem. This year, the Jonas Brothers headlined the event. It doesn't appear they were on stage when the accident occurred.

In a dangerous encounter, a firework hit one person in the face before exploding. They experienced a severe injury as a result. The fireworks started firing into the crowd as the "Star Spangled Banner" finished. Four F-35 jets from Utah's Hill Air Force Base flew over head in what was supposed to be a stunning display. However, it quickly turned tragic.

4th Of July Celebration Turned Tragic

Members of the crowd tried to get emergency assistance for those injured. The video above shows fireworks spinning and shooting wildly at the crowd during the 4th of July

Several videos posted to social media captured the out-of-control projectiles spinning wildly from the top of one of the stadium's endzone grandstands before landing either in the crowd in the stands or on the field. A cheerleader barely dodged getting hit by a firework in insane footage below.


They briefly stopped the show to treat the injured people. America's Freedom Festival, the organization that puts on the Stadium of Fire show, has released a statement about the 4th of July show.

"Safety is of the utmost importance to us. All pyrotechnics at Stadium of Fire are thoroughly checked before the show. And were rechecked after tonight's incident," a Facebook post from the organization read. "Our thoughts are with those who were impacted. And we are following up with them to make sure they are okay."