Back Up, Terry! Fireworks Viral Video Reminds Us What Can Go Wrong On The 4th Of July
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"Back Up, Terry!" Fireworks Viral Video Reminds Us What Can Go Wrong On The 4th Of July

"Put it in reverse, Terry!" has lived rent-free in my mind since it first showed up years ago. Now, on the 4th of July, I can share with y'all one of my all-time favorite internet clips and be completely justified in doing so! I'm not going to ask why, but somehow, the infamous video has been trending all over the internet today!

I'll wait for you to watch it and come back. Did you do it? Good! Usually, I'd break the clip down and maybe throw in the occasional joke or reflection. However, this is a clip that doesn't need me. It speaks for itself. It doesn't matter what time of the year you watch it — it's never not funny. The internet has my back on this one.

"Terry almost met his maker today. He survived whatever cause his broken leg just to be ended by fireworks soon after. Better way to say goodbye for sure. Glad he got to live to tell the tale," one X (formerly known as Twitter) user said. Be lucky y'all were spared the weird haiku format the post was originally in.

But, yeah, poor Terry. I'm glad he was smiling and having a great time, but you know that heart was banging against his chest. Wait. I can show you guys the remix of this moment! Usually, I wouldn't go this crazy in an article. But it's the 4th of July — let's live it up.

'Put It In Reverse, Terry!' Viral Video Makes Its Grand Comeback On The 4th Of July

The remix starts in the middle of the video after the classic clip. Yes, it's a remix that was first uploaded around the time the clip dropped initially. Don't hold that against it!

"Terry want all da smoke... LITERALLY," another X user chimes in. I won't lie, that made me laugh harder than it should've. Was it an easy joke? Yes. But it was also effective!

The short of it is this: don't be a Terry. Handle your fireworks responsibly and safely. If not, you may not be as lucky as Terry was! Now, go on! Enjoy your 4th of July!