Impassioned Businessman Wins 4th Of July With Patriotic American Flag Yard Work
Photo By YouTube/Btwillia's Garage

Impassioned Businessman Wins 4th Of July With Patriotic American Flag Yard Work

If you were hoping to come out of this year's 4th of July more stylish than this, I'm so sorry to disappoint you. Brad Williams went above and beyond the call of duty by mowing the American Flag into his lawn. Better still, Williams has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to lawn care and other DIY projects. Give Btwillia's Garage a visit sometime, if you're curious!

Per WXII 12, Williams has been in the business of lawn care for a few decades. (There's a solid reason you shouldn't feel jealous about his lawn wizardry.) Reportedly, his young son was a major part of the flag-making process, and the end result is nothing short of jaw-dropping!

"Him seeing that we set our goal to create this project and we finished it, and he helps me edit the videos. I hope he takes something from that in the future — as far as setting a goal and accomplishing it," Williams said. He initially got the idea from a 4th of July-themed lawn contest. Which is the most "wholesome small town event" thing I've ever heard.

Well, with that bar already at an amazing height, let's see what else the internet's got to try and topple Williams!

A Businessman Single-Handedly Won The 4th Of July With His Patriotic Lawn

There's no way that isn't anything but an elaborate digital photo. Still, though, it's admittedly pretty cool to look at!

We also have a dedicated effort to boost one of Katy Perry's songs to celebrate the holiday! Not a horrible goal, considering the explosive spirit of the holidays! I do have a potential contender to dethrone Brad Williams' lawn, though.

A timeless internet classic. It was great then, and it's only aged like a fine wine since. It's got everything you could ever want from the 4th of July in a hilarious clip! No, this isn't a shameless plug for the article I wrote before this one! What are you, crazy?

Also, Pitbull's here to tell us about the 4th of July! ...Come to think of it, when was the last time Pitbull released a song? It's like he emerged from another dimension with how much I hadn't thought about him in recent years!