Here's Why Gen Z Aren't As Patriotic As You Wish
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Here's Why Gen Z Aren't As Patriotic As You Wish

4th of July exists as a beacon of pride for many Americans. However, for a lot of people, it's merely a day to light up the grill, knock back a couple of brews, and watch the fireworks go off. This is the disconnect between Gen Z and the rest of the United States.

Recently, a writer for the New York Post outlines a list of polls and numbers that show the divide between Gen Z and their older counterparts in how they feel about their country. In one poll, it shows that only 18% of people from 18-34 years old feel pride to be an American. Additionally, a strong majority of young people see the need to repair the "unfair society" through "significant change."

The Cultural Divide Between Gen Z and The Rest of America

The writer worries that this jeopardizes the future of the US military. Why would you fight for something you don't truly believe in? Most Gen Z'ers and young people as a whole would rather go to jail than serve the country. It defeats any of their values and morals because they can see what it does to the innocent. In addition, they know how PTSD unravels the mind. Why would anyone ever want to feel that way?

Perhaps the most intriguing prospect is the societal difference in happiness. The writer looks at the perspective of an author specializing in seeing the generational divide. Expert Jean Twenge expresses. "Depression is not just about emotions. It's also about how you see the world, and depressed and unhappy people see the world more negatively. I don't see Gen Z's low patriotism and high pessimism turning around unless and until teens and young adults' mental health improves. I don't think that will happen until they start spending less time on social media and more time with each other in person."

There is a strong measure of truth to this. However, I do not think that's the reason why Gen Z is unpatriotic. The way they see America only exasperates those feelings of hopelessness. Moreover, I notice that people don't realize just how much you can learn by simply reading or listening. Consequently, the internet provides an abundance of information to learn and sifts through some propagandized perspectives. The zoomers can make up their own minds by looking at things plainly rather than from a patriotic view.

The Real Reason Why Gen Z Doesn't Feel So Patriotic Anymore

The New York Post writer establishes a couple of interesting ideas by utilizing the numbers at their disposal. However, they place the blame in the wrong spot. Predictably, they don't invest themselves in investigating why Gen Z folks feel this way. Rather, they prefer to chuck the blame onto easy targets like smartphones and "adequate civics education."

These aren't non-problems. But they aren't answering any true issue. The gift of the internet allows millions of Americans with the opportunity to learn at their infinite disposal. Consequently, this bypasses any history book that teaches a one-sided depiction of how the US operates. Moreover, the curse is America can't possibly maintain the position of freedom and also micromanage its great marketing if people actually do their research. Why would Gen Z ever stand proudly and patriotic when they know the country's skeletons in the closet?

Ever the young cynic, I can tell you exactly how America can fix its potholes with Gen Z. The US government will never invest in truly solving any key differences young people have. So, if you're not going to stop blowing people up in the Middle East and killing children, you have to incentivize your average American. You can't just dangle the carrot in front of them like many people do today. You have to show them that this country is worth investing in.

I call it 'The Obama Method.' Lots of younger people see the flaws in his operations. However, the culture roots itself in even the mildest form of change. You want one thing, you have to appease the US citizen in other ways. This is how Barack wiggles his way out of a consensus hating him for his many drone strikes. Charisma and appeasement does a lot for the average person, keeping any dissatisfaction at a solid simmer over the constant cultural outcry of today.

Regardless, 4th of July thrives as usual. You can still expect Gen Z to hop on the grill and watch the fireworks, even if they don't drink the Kool-Aid like others do.