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Morning Coffee That Tastes Like Oreos? Sign Me Up!

I can't believe it. I feel like Nestlé has hacked into my dreams and has seen my every desire. How else could they know that I have been hoping, wishing, and dreaming that I could drink Oreos for breakfast? There have been Reese's peanut butter cup coffee creamers, and of course the classic French vanilla, but this is the best announcement yet. Now, with the newest flavor in their Coffee-mate series, I will be able to have coffee that tastes like Oreos every morning.

This could put a hurting on Nabisco, because I may never again buy a sleeve of these chocolatey wafers with their creamy filling. Buying (and eating) an entire pint of my favorite Ben & Jerry's or Blue Bell Cookies n' Cream ice cream will soon become a thing of a past. The news that I can flavor my coffee like my favorite cookie is the best thing I have heard in a long time. Even instant coffee would taste better with this addition!

To celebrate National Cookie Day, we welcomed the above announcement by Instagrammer @junkbanterWe're not alone in celebrating that it would soon be totally acceptable to drink Oreos for breakfast; he got almost 4500 likes for the post!

Junkbanter, a reviewer of new, rare junk food (and our trusted source for insider grocery store news) posted a picture of Nestle's newest flavor in their Coffee-mate series. While he didn't let us in on the release date (just saying it'll happen "pretty soon"), Popsugar reached out to a Nestle representative to get more information on the new kick to your morning coffee.

Nestle's disclosed that the new flavor "will be available in stores by early February." To that, I say: Who needs to count down the days to Christmas? Between this release and the news that there will be a Cheesecake Factory coffee creamer, the real countdown is for these dream-come-true coffee flavors. Now I just need to wait for my Keurig travel coffee mug to come in so I can have this dream on the go!

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