Any Cafe Coffee

The AnyCafé Travel Mug Brews Keurig Coffee on the Go

What I wouldn't give for coffee maker combined with a new travel mug that can brew coffee. How perfect is that for my on-the-go lifestyle?! It's now a reality, and I can't wait to get my hands on one. All you need to make hot, fresh coffee is one of these AnyCafé Travel Brewer and Travel Mugs that brews Keurig single-serve pods with water. That's it! Easy, simple, and convenient.

So how exactly does it work? It's real simple. All you need to do is pop open the lid and add water (any temperature water works - it doesn't even have to be hot) then in goes your coffee pod (any K-Cup® coffee pod will work, whether it's a Keurig or a reusable pod). Close the lid and press the button.

There you have it! Freshly brewed coffee, anywhere you are with this single serve brewer. Perfect for your morning commute, the continuous brewing method means a fresh cup is only a sip away.

The LED interface will light up when the machine brews coffee, and off it goes when it's ready to drink. Drink straight from the mug, or choose to pour it out into a traditional coffee mug. You can even brew tea leaves or hot cocoa with the AnyCafé Travel Mug. Just pick up the Keurig flavor of drip coffee or your favorite coffee pods you want and in it goes. The brew time is quick and seamless for easy reheating.

The mug is durable, made from an impact resistant HDPE material that will withstand small falls and any typical wear and tear. The battery pack is detachable and rechargeable using a standard 12v charging cable. Once the battery pack is removed, cleaning the travel mug is easy. Skip the dishwasher and its harsh chemicals, just clean the mug using warm, soapy water. How's that for replacing your traditional home brewer system?

So How Can I Get One?

Currently, the product is slated to release in 2018, funded by their Kickstarter campaign page. They've currently well exceeded the campaign goal of $75,000, raising over $93k from over a thousand amazing backers.

The project is no longer live, so you can't back them anymore. We can only hope they will make the product available to the public once the first round of mugs ships to the backers. The delivery dates are not yet available from the Anycafé team, but we'll keep our eye for this unique brewing method for better coffee.

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