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Why People Love Money Tree Plants and How to Care For Them

If you're trying to achieve feng shui in your home, know there are many ways to achieve the organized environment. Maximizing direct light in your home, keeping a tidy home, and buying new home decor is a great start to a feng shui atmosphere. A popular piece of decor is a plant native to South America, pachira aquatica, also known as the money tree plant.

It has been said that money trees bring good luck and good fortune. Many people choose money trees as houseplants for this reason. They're a staple houseplant that many of us flock to mainly because they provide a sense of cleanliness in homes. They're also popular picks for us since they require easy care. Much like succulents.

1. Costa Farms Money Tree-Pachira

2. JM BAMBOO Money Tree

3. Brussel's Live Money Tree Indoor Bonsai

Money trees are considered bonsais because of their thick trunk. If you'd like to emulate the look of a tree in your home, money tree plants are the way to go.

How To Take Care of a Money Tree

Water your money tree generously. Just be sure to have your plant in a pot with drainage holes. It's crucial for excess water to be drained from your plant. Overwatering will result in root rot, which can be hard for your money tree plant to recover from.

As for soil, a peat moss potting mix is exactly what your plant needs. A soil that allows for good drainage is also helpful in preventing your money tree from dying. Fertilizing your plant isn't something you have to do year-around for a healthy money tree. Simply adding plant food once a month will suffice. When winter rolls around, give your plant a break from liquid fertilizer, then resume in the spring.

Money trees do love humidity. To help your plant thrive in your home, consider buying a humidifier for the room your money tree plant will be in. If you plan on keeping your money tree plant indoors, you should be able to avoid direct sunlight. Too much sun will damage your bonsai tree's green leaves. Bright indirect light is perfect for your plant.

Prune your money tree when needed. Money trees do attract mealybugs. In most cases, they love unhealthy money tree plants. If your plant is healthy, new growth most likely won't suffer from mealybugs. May your money tree plant bring you happiness by just being an attractive piece in your home.

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