'Modern Family' Star Called Worse Guest This Podcaster Has Ever Met
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'Modern Family' Star Called Worse Guest This Podcaster Has Ever Met

Say it isn't so! While fans expect celebrities to act like they do on screen, actors are real people just like any of us. That means they sometimes get into awkward encounters, especially during interviews. Podcaster Taylor Strecker recently said that this Modern Family star was the worst guest that she ever had on her show.

She's talking about Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet of course. Apparently blame Pepto-Bismol of all reasons. The two had an awkward mix-up.

"He's from Modern Family, and he's like the chubby, jolly, sweet, funny one," the "Taste of Taylor" host told Summer House star Paige DeSorbo on Amazon Live on June 25. "Could he be anything but? Nasty!"

When he appeared on her podcast, Strecker assumed that Stonestreet would be promoting Modern Family. However, he actually wanted to talk about the anti-diarrhea medication. You see, Stonestreet had partnered with Pepto-Bismol for an ad-campaign. He thought he was coming on the podcast to drop a spot of promotion.

"I didn't know!" she claimed. "So we're talking, we're talking. I'm like, you know, just being my adorable self. And he's like, 'So when are we gonna talk about Pepto-Bismol?'

It took Strecker by surprise.

"I said, 'I have hemorrhoids. I'm the queen of diarrhea. I love Pepto-Bismol! We can talk about whatever you want,'" the influencer continued. "And he said to me — and I quote — 'Somebody didn't do their homework.'"

'Modern Family' Star Gets Called Out

She was instantly offended by Stonestreet's comment "You're gonna come into my house and call my mommy and daddy? I don't think so," she said of the Modern Family actor. She said she ended up snapping at him.  "I said, 'I'm sorry. Am I getting paid by Pepto-Bismol? The answer is no. So that's your job to figure out, not mine.'"

She also joked that she was going to reach out to Modern Family star Sofia Vergara about the situation. The podcaster didn't reveal when the interview took place, but it was likely sometime in 2011.

In response to the accusation, several fans were taken back. Some shared similar info. "My dad has had some celebrity interactions due to his line of work, and the only celebrity he's ever complained about was Eric stonestreet," one user commented.

"I have heard this from multiple friends in the industry!" another claimed.

"This one hurts," a fan wrote.

"Nooooooo this and the comments are breaking my heart! In my mind he was so kind and sweet. Obviously just a really good actor," one more person shared.