Miranda Lambert Fans Send Prayers After Two Of Her Beloved Dogs Pass
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Miranda Lambert Fans Send Prayers After Passing Of Beloved Dog Delta Dawn

Miranda Lambert fans are sending their prayers to Miranda Lambert after she lost her beloved dog Delta Dawn. The singer revealed in a heartbreaking post that she recently lost two loyal friends.

Lambert dedicated the post to Delta Dawn. She said, "In the last 6 weeks two of the best and most loyal friends I have ever had have left this earth. 1st Delta Dawn. She was one of those dogs that you only get once in a lifetime. I found her at a Sonic in Oklahoma in the spring of 2009. She was homeless and hungry but still full of personality. She crossed over the rainbow bridge and left this earth on April 22 , 2024. And it happened to be Earth Day. I want yall to know that I'm an advocate for rescue because I live it out and every day I am blessed with the joy of having these animals in my life."

She continued, "And then some days, like today, I'm so heartbroken to have lost them. To love this big you have to hurt just as big. They are worth it. Shelters all over the country are suffering from overcrowding so this is my heart song to you. Consider a rescue or fostering or volunteering. You never know what blessing is waiting there for you."

Miranda Lambert Is Heartbroken

One fan wrote in response, "I now how much your dogs mean to you they are your babies But Delta will always hold a special place all of our hurts. Delta doesn't know not only did she help you but she has helped us. I'm so sorry for your loss. We love you, Brendan and I am so sorry about Delta."

Another wrote, "I get it. We lost our rescue poodle last month, best girl we ever had. Happy that we made her last few years as good as possible. Missing her every day."

Lambert has always been an advocate of shelter pets. She and Delta Dog have recorded videos together in the past promoting the cause. "We are the perfect match because she has been through a lot in her life, and she is a road dog," Lambert said of her dog. She said she found her dog at a Sonic in Oklahoma. "Kind of like her mom, she likes to travel. She's down for anything, and she has a great personality," she said, "She has my whole heart."