Miranda Lambert And Her Husband Pen New Breakup Anthem Together Following Relationship Rumors
Photo by Ayisha Collins/FilmMagic

Miranda Lambert And Her Husband Pen New Breakup Anthem Together Following Relationship Rumors

I'm sure that both supporters and critics will read more into this than there is. But Miranda Lambert and her husband Brendan McLoughlin just penned a new breakup anthem "Da—it Randy." Normally, this wouldn't be much news. But Lambert and McLoughlin recently made the news after a video surfaced of the latter dancing with other women.

Now, supporters will see the new song as a sign that McLoughlin and Lambert are doing better than ever. Critics may see it as an acknowledgment of trouble for the married couple. In reality, I would say it's neither. The two wrote the song before any such videos ever surfaced. It's not like Lambert to air her dirty laundry publicly either.

Lambert and McLoughlin married in 2019. As a former police officer, he's not much for music, but he's given it a go with Lambert's latest. The couple got a bit of help from Audra Mae, who helped write "Wranglers" as well as Jon Randall as well.
"We were talking about how excited we were to be starting this journey with a new label family...and how supported we felt by them," Lambert explains, "Which turned into chatting about situations where you might not feel so supported by someone — in this case, an unappreciative Randy. So, this one's for anyone with a Randy they need to move on from."

Miranda Lambert's New Breakup Song

The song joins Lambert's breakup catalog. It features a mature understanding of a relationship that's past it's prime. Lyrics include: "Yeah, now that I made it to other side / I hope you're countin' singles in your double wide / Smokin' cigarettes like they're goin' out of style / Turnin' me up on your radio dial / You gave up 'til the very last minute / Now that I'm gone, I've got your attention."

As for that dancing, the woman recently spoke out with InTouch. She claimed that McLoughlin was a complete gentleman and it was nothing more than innocent dancing. 

"Earlier in the night, we noticed him in the roped-off section at the front of the bar. We recognized him, and we all thought it was cool that he was there, and mentioned hoping for a Miranda appearance," the woman said. "We went back to enjoying our night, drinking and dancing with each other and just having a good time."

She added, "Somehow, later, we were let into the roped-off section where he was. I'm not sure how that was initiated or happened. We were all dancing together and laughing and talking, thanking him for helping to make our bride-to-be's night so special and fun. He was gracious and polite and kind. He did a lot of laughing at us, because we are a silly bunch and were having a good time just dancing and being goofy together."