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Beer Lovers Are Pouring Out Praise for These Super-Cold Mini Kegs

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Beer never goes out of season, but it sure does get better when it's sunnier. If you're a small-batch craft beer type of drinker, you might be thinking of ways to enjoy your favorite flavorings without paying those high-end prices for a sixer. Stock up on your favorite brew with these mini-keg systems.

If you still imagine kegging as being held upside down over a heavy steel ball lock keg, then I have some news for you. With these miniature keg options, you can drink your favorite lagers and IPAs however you want (without needing to be flipped). If you're an at-home fermenter, these options are great for storing and chilling your creations. Check them out!

Best Mini Kegs

1. GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Beer Growler, 128 oz, Stainless Steel

128 ounces is one standard volume for mini-kegs. The size of the uKeg makes getting a pick-up from your local brewery a breeze. Your draft beer tap system will be a hit at parties or when you're hosting.

With a drop-in CO2 tank, the level of carbonation is totally in your control. Manage the pressure to store Kombucha, root beer, or the craft brews we're all craving. It's easy to track your beverage's progress through the tank thanks to a sight glass and pressure gauge. Plus, the dispenser handle is changeable. Customize it to fit whatever you're drinking.

2. NutriChef PKBRTP110 Mini Keg Beer System Detachable Aluminum Regulator & Spout Easy Storage Under Pressure-Homebrew Growler Craft Beer Dispenser

Homebrewing has never looked more official than with the NutriChef Mini Keg System. The matte black powder coating protects your giant beer can from getting scratched up. Although it uses the same disposable 16-gram CO2 cartridges as other models, it boasts 30 PSI pressure retention that can match the most professionally carbonated kegs.

The faucet is easy-pouring, and the included silicone o-ring system makes sure that you're not dripping any of the good stuff. Check out this review from super-satisfied customer Michael D.:

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3. Homecraft Black Stainless Steel Easy-Dispensing Tap Mini Kegerator Cooling System, Includes Reusable Growler, CO2 Cartridges, Removable Drip Tray & Cleaning Kit, Beer Fresh For 30 Days, 5L Mini Keg

The Homecraft is a trusted draft system for growlers and miniature 5-liter kegs (like the two previous options). If you're into bottling pale ales and other craft beer at home, consider this unit which comes with a Thermoelectric Cooling System that can drop your keg's temperature to 36 degrees in 24 hours.

The Homecraft comes with a refillable growler but is also compatible with other small kegger options. Call up your friends and tell them to pick up a Heineken pony keg— or have them bring their own reusable mini-keg filled with tasty homebrews!

If you've got a beer lover in your life, don't wait to add this to their wishlist. Shop Krups and other retailers for keg bungs, nozzles, more homebrewing equipment today.

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