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Miley Cyrus Predicted Her Grammy Win on 'Hannah Montana' -- and It's Scarily Accurate

Her character penned her own Grammy acceptance speech in season 4 of the hit Disney Channel series.

Miley Cyrus didn't just snag her first Grammy on Feb. 4; she doubled down, clinching the Record of the Year award as well as Best Pop Solo Performance, both for her song "Flowers." Yet, what's mind-blowing is that nearly 15 years prior, on an episode of "Hannah Montana," she essentially scripted this very moment.

According to the eagle-eyed fans at @MileyEdition on X (formerly Twitter), in a Season 4 episode titled "Hannah's Gonna Get This," Cyrus' character, Miley Stewart, is supposedly writing song lyrics. But when her best friend Lilly (Emily Osment) asks to see what she's written, she instead finds a draft of Miley's Grammy acceptance speech (via Bustle).

"Thank you, Grammy voters. Record of the Year, I can't believe it. I had nothing prepared," Lilly reads the wishful speech, rolling her eyes.

Miley decides to take it from there. "Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, I can't believe I'm even in the same category as you-ou-ou." She breaks down into feigned sobs.

The comedic scene turned out to be a prophecy. Fast forward to the present, and Cyrus is giving a Grammy acceptance speech for real — though she replaced the phony waterworks with a hearty dose of confidence, proclaiming "how good I look" in between her thanks.

"I don't think I forgot anyone, but I might've forgotten underwear," she quipped.

So, Miley's premonition in "Hannah Montana" may not have been entirely spot-on — but it still came uncannily close. And while she didn't beat out Lady Gaga or Beyoncé (both of their record releases fell outside of this year's eligibility window) she did have some stiff competition including talents like Jon Batiste, boygenius and Billie Eilish.

Earlier that night, she nabbed the Best Pop Solo Performance for "Flowers," but the highlight for her wasn't just the win — it was sharing the stage with Mariah Carey. The moment, she gushed, was "just too iconic." She added that the award paled in comparison to seeing Mariah Carey perform live.

"I could've missed the award, that's fine, but not Mariah Carey," she said. "I just saw you at the Hollywood Bowl — it was everything."

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