Guilty Pleasure

Map Shows Each State's Online Guilty Pleasure

We all have guilty pleasures. Sometimes we like to hide them, and sometimes we don't care if our friends catch us. Now, online guilty pleasures? Some of y'all need to clean your browser history. Oh, and y'alls minds, too.

Thanks to, we now can look at what each state's most searched topic is on the internet. This all comes from data collected by Google Trends.

Some of these searches may come to a surprise to you, or they might just solidify your judgement on society. Some of these searches are cute and innocent, while others are definitely NSFW.

Let's take a look at the South and all of its weirdness.

Guilty Pleasure


The No. 1 search in the South is celebrity news. Interesting, I know. Maybe Arkansas, Alabama and South Carolina are looking for new ways to step into the limelight.

However, searches for XXX material seem come out on top in both Texas and Louisiana. I thought y'alls mommas taught you better than that.

Both of Georgia and Florida's top online searches are for a "sugar daddy," but in those in Tennessee are mostly looking for a "sugar momma." It's good to know chivalry isn't dead.

Then we have the infamous "Meme" searches in Oklahoma and North Carolina. I wonder if they are looking for a specific meme, or if they are just now trying to figure out how to pronounce the word.

Lastly, we have Mississippi, who comes out as the only state to constantly search for "The Whip/Nae Nae." It looks like the Magnolia State is trying to be the life of the next dance party (even if they are a couple years behind the trends).

These searches across the country also include reddit, online investing, fail videos and television spoilers. Now, why would anyone want to spoil the TV show their watching is beyond me.

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Take a look at the map and see where your state lands. Maybe you can even tease your friends over their state's google search.

If you find all of this shocking, see what else your state is up to, like your state's favorite Girl Scout Cookie or what country your state's foreign goods come from.

And if you contributed to this map, you might want to go delete your search history.

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