Map Shows Most Popular TV Show Set in Every State

We can't get enough of these fun, informative state maps. These two maps take a look at the most popular TV show set in every state.

The first map is brought to us by Andrew Shears. Now, as Andy claims on his site, these shows are more personal picks from his own knowledge and experience—not exactly a solid science.

TV Sho Set in Every State

Andrew Shears

After seeing criticism from people across the internet on his state picks, he also did a remixed version that took popular opinion into account.

Our second map comes from artist and graphic designer Mike Nudelman and takes out the reality shows (thank you!).

TV Show Set in Every State

Mike Nudelman

He switches things up a bit on the state map. For Virginia, he swapped out The Waltons for Homeland, while New Mexico's most popular TV show was switched from In Plain Sight to Breaking Bad. In Louisiana, Nudelman went with True Blood over Billy the Exterminator. And in Georgia, The Dukes of Hazzard was replaced with the current AMC hit, The Walking Dead.

Several other state's shows were changed up, but there were plenty that the two artists agreed on. For instance, they both chose Golden Girls in Florida, Walker, Texas Ranger in Texas, The Sopranos in New Jersey and The Andy Griffith Show in North Carolina.

Thank you, Mental Floss, for bringing these awesome maps to our attention.

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