Map Shows Best-Selling Artist Born in Each State

This cool map shows the best-selling artist born in each state, and while some seem obvious (like Oklahoma), others may not be as clear-cut as you think.

But one thing’s for sure: country music represents quite well.

Also, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming all need to up their game a bit. Though maybe that’s not too fair, considering all three states combine for fewer people than the Texas hill country combined. The odds of those states birthing a major money-making artist just isn’t great to begin with.

It’s important to note, this map covers people who were born in the state. Even if they moved. Or if its a band, the band was “born” in the state. That’s why Aerosmith hails from Vermont, though Steven Tyler hails from New York City.

best-selling artists map

Though you may think Beyonce reigns as Texas’ most popular artist currently, George Strait takes the title for best-selling artist from the state. And in fact, the Dixie Chicks usurp Beyonce’s 17 million-plus album sales. Though if you include her time with Destiny’s Child, Beyonce wins by a few million.

Surprisingly, Tennessee’s best-selling artist isn’t a country musician. Or at least not primarily one. Though she did dabble in country, Tina Turner rose to superstardom as a soul-pop wonder.

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The Eagles are kings of California. Their rock/country crossover sound established them as one of the best-selling acts of all time. But Washington? That’s Kenny G territory, baby. No trampling his smooth sax sounds.

And it’s nice to see Dwight Yoakam representing in Kentucky (yep, even beating out Billy Ray Cyrus). All in all, artists with country ties take nearly 15 states.

The map comes from Redditor famicon3, who used data from Wikipedia to compile the whole thing.

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Map Shows Best-Selling Artist Born in Each State