Baskin Robbins Mangonada Copycat Recipe: Make This Treat At Home

[drop]Four main ingredients is all you need to change your life with this traditional Mexican slushy called a Mangonada. Sold by street vendors and paleta shops (sort of like a popsicle shop but even better) in Mexico, Mangonadas are unique because this delicious drink has all four flavor zones on your tongue covered: bitter, salty, sweet, and sour.


If you aren't currently perusing a Mexican street market, Baskin-Robbins is the next best place to pick up a Mangonada on the go. That's right, Baskin-Robbins has a new cold treat and they know you're going to love it. Here's what they say about their version on the website.

"Baskin-Robbins' Mangonada strikes the perfect balance of refreshing, sweet, and savory, and is made to order in-shop. Whether you grab one at the drive-thru or at curbside where available, your Mangonada will be a unique and flavorful sipping experience that you'll want to share with everyone you know."

Mangonadas go by a few regional Spanish names but the ingredients stay the same. Whether you call it a Mangonada, Mangoneada, Chamoyada, or Chamango, the flavors of this beverage are perfect for a hot day and easy enough to make at home.


The names and presentation may vary, but the basic ingredients are mango, Chamoy sauce and Tajin Clasico Seasoning. The fourth ingredient which is not necessary, but highly recommended, is a tamarind candy straw.

Chamoy sauce is a tangy, mildly spicy, bright orangey red condiment that is made from a combination of pureed dried fruit, chiles, water, sugar, vinegar, and citrus. Blended together, turns into a thick paste that's sweet, spicy, tart and fruity simultaneously. You can find this popular condiment in the Mexican food aisle of the grocery store, or order from Amazon. There are recipes online to overachieve with your own homemade Chamoy as well.

Tajín Clásico Seasoning is a seasoning blend of chili powder, lime, and salt. It's often sprinkled over fruit or used as a salt rim for margaritas. Look for it in the Latin foods section or on Amazon. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

For the tamarind candy straw, an ethnic candy store or Amazon is your best bet too. All these ingredients and fresh or frozen mango make up that perfectly balanced salty 'n sweet icy mango smoothie drink.

What's in a Mangonada?

You can use fresh or frozen mango chunks, but frozen fruit is what gives it the icy slushie texture. If you're using fresh ripe mango, add ice cubes for texture.

Also optional, but adding mango juice or mango nectar adds to the mango-ness of it all. You could thin the mango mixture out with water or your favorite fruit juice.

If you don't have Tajin seasoning, you can use a different chile powder like ancho, chile de arbol, or chile California.

Adjust the amount of Chamoy and Tajin to your taste. It's your version of this popular Mexican drink, go crazy.

These can also be frozen as paletas or popsicles! Pour into freezer safe cups, stick in the straw and freeze until solid.

Pro Tip: Add tequila for a frozen mangonada margarita!

How To Make Mangonadas at Home

This Mangonada recipe will make about two 12oz mangonadas. Five minutes of prep time and in ten minutes total time, you have two frosty mangonadas!

You'll need 16 oz frozen mango, about 2 cups mango nectar, 2 tablespoons sugar, a fresh lime, Tajin, Chamoy, and those amazing tamarind candy straws.

*For a creamier drink, you can use mango sorbet or mango ice cream

Add the mango, mango nectar, sugar, and fresh lime juice into the blender. Don't throw out the used lime yet! Blend until smooth and add more sugar to taste.

Take a clear cup or glass and rub the rim with the lime. Dip the rim into a flat small plate of Tajin seasoning. Drizzle the chamoy sauce down the inside of the cup all around and then add your mango puree.

You can also layer the chamoy sauce between the mango slushy layers. Garnish with fresh mango chunks if you like and add the tamarind candy straw! Serve with a cold plate of diced mango chunks sprinkled with Tajin seasoning.

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