Move Over Wendy's Spicy Nuggets, Tyson's Tajín-Flavored Nuggets Are Here

Tajín seasoning is genuinely my motivation to finish the cut up pineapples and watermelon in my refrigerator before it goes bad. Every single time. Many people use it to spice up fruit, but the famous Mexican seasoning is often used in Mexican foods, drinks, and desserts, such as mangonadas, micheladas, and tacos.

It's a perfect blend of chili peppers, sea salt, and dehydrated lime juice. Tajín Seasoning isn't your typical chili powder. I wouldn't use a McCormick spice as a fresh fruit seasoning, but there's something about Tajín Clasico. This spicy seasoning takes your taste buds to the next level.

Tajin Fruit and Snack Seasoning, 5.0 Oz (Pack of 2)

It looks like my taste buds are really in for a treat now. Tajín and Tyson have come together for chili lime chicken nuggets. Sorry Wendy's, it looks like I've found the spicy nuggets of my dreams. Forget about dipping chicken nuggets in hot sauce. Tyson's Tajín nuggets won't need a condiment thanks to lime seasoning.

These nuggets should be available in most grocery stores soon. I 100% recommend trying Tajin Rimmer on your margaritas, Tajín Chamoy on your favorite fruits, and Tajin Habanero to spice up your veggies. You can find all three flavors on Amazon.

If you find yourself coating pineapple and strawberries with Tajín in the future, you'll understand why we're so excited about Tajín chicken nuggets. Tangy nuggets are delicious! I mean, why else did Twitter demand for Wendy's to bring spicy nuggets back?

Oh, and don't forget about the Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich craze. Obviously, spicy chicken is where it's at these days. You can skip the long drive-thru lines at Popeyes and Wendy's and bake a batch of Tajín chicken nuggets at home.

Get creative with your Tajin seasoning. I think your next Bloody Mary needs a rim coated with Tajín. Trust me; it's so good that you'll feel like you're beachside in Cancun.

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