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The Taco Trail: Your Guide to the Best Tacos in Texas


Ready to hit the pavement for a road trip of some of Texas' best taco offerings? Here's a fun taco trail of Texas, featuring one spot you've gotta hit in 13 different cities throughout Texas.

Could you hit a different spot? Sure. Amazing tacos abound in Texas. But we've all ran into some serious subpar (and usually overpriced) fare, too. So if you go somewhere else and get buyer's remorse, don't blame us. These are surefire winners.

Now, as tempting as it is to include some of the phenomenal tacos from chains like Torchy's Tacos and Velvet Taco, we kept it strictly to local spots in each town. Enjoy the many variations of these delectable Mexican classics. And if you're living in Texas, count your blessings that you've got great taco options everywhere you go.

Amarillo -- El Giro

Authentic Mexican tacos in the Texas Panhandle. El Giro is a no-frills establishment with some of the best street tacos in the state. You can easily put away four or five of these delicious bad boys without feeling like you overdid it. You can actually get their massive platter of 20 tacos with salsas, pico de gallo and lime for just $30.

Lubbock -- Taqueria Autlán

Another phenomenal taqueria featuring authentic Guadalajara-style food, this Lubbock joint features a longstanding family recipe. They've also got an awesome salsa bar and a lunchtime taco stand attached to the main building for tacos on the go.

Odessa -- Taqueria Guadalajara


A drive-in taco stand with Al Pastor to die for, this spot features pork shaved straight from the spit. More known for its burritos, the panhandle does love its Guadalajara style tacos, but they all do them a little differently and all very special. Plus, who doesn't want a heart-shaped taco platter? It's the obvious key to anybody's heart.

Abilene -- La Popular Bakery

An Abilene favorite, the locals swear by the La Popular brand, which has several taco stops throughout town. Well known for its breakfast options and tortillas, the bakery also serves excellent baked goods.

Fort Worth -- Salsa Limón

The owner of this Fort Worth favorite sports roots in both Oaxaca, Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley, but the recipes themselves date back to 1947. His spot started as a food truck but has been so successful it's actually expanding its brick and mortar locations to nearby Dallas. Get adventurous and have some lengua (tongue) tacos.

Dallas -- La Nueva Fresh & Hot

Some of the best tortillas in the country, La Nueva Fresh & Hot lives up to its name. You can't sit down, and probably wouldn't want to given how much heat the tortilla machine gives off in the tiny storefront. But locals call the green pork stew with spicy salsa the best taco in Dallas, which is one hell of a compliment.

Houston -- El Ultimo Taco Truck


You run the risk of not finding this truck in its usual spot (Antoine and Long Point), but if you track down El Ultimo Taco Truck, you've tracked down the city's finest taco, according to many. These hefty gems feature the usual street toppings along with caramelized onions and avocado. Oh, and breakfast is amazing, too.

Corpus Christi -- Chachos Tacos


You don't have to take the insane breakfast taco challenge when you head to this Corpus Christi spot that is slowly gaining a reputation for the best pure breakfast tacos in the state. But if you want to give it a shot, you'll snag a picture and a t-shirt. If you're more into, you know, enjoying your breakfast, give the chorizo, potato and egg taco a whirl. You won't regret it.

Rio Grande City -- Caro's Restaurant

You've got to try the puffy taco at this Rio Grande City staple. It's not every day you find the real deal when it comes to puffy tacos, but this is it.

San Antonio -- Rosario's

This spot consistently gets voted as San Antonio's best, which means plenty of people know about it. But that shouldn't stop you from visiting a Texas must. Try the super unique paquetes de jícama y camarón, which use jicama instead of corn or flour tortillas.

Austin -- Joe's Bakery & Coffee Shop


Sure, a place called "Joe's Bakery & Coffee Shop" doesn't necessarily sound like an authentic taco place, but this East Austin spot has won over the locals since 1969. Get a breakfast taco with the battered bacon.

San Angelo -- Tacos Locos

It doesn't look like much, but this San Angelo taco stop constantly impresses locals and surprises visitors.

El Paso -- H&H Car Wash and Coffee Shop

Facebook/Tacos Locos" target="_blank">Thrillist/Jose R. Ralat

Opened in 1958 as a hybrid car wash, shoe shine and lunch spot, H&H Car Wash is another one of those places you wouldn't expect to have some of the best tacos in a town like El Paso. The simplest of options -- a potato and egg breakfast taco -- is highly regarded as one of the best.

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