Luke Combs Was Devastated He Missed Birth Of Son
Photo By Amy E. Price/Getty Images

Luke Combs Was Devastated He Missed Birth Of Son: "It’s Really Hard For Me To Deal With"

Luke Combs is a star whose talents strengthen with every passing year. Combs dedicates himself to his craft. But sometimes, that passion comes with unexpected, terrible consequences. Combs appeared on Apple Music's podcast to talk about his latest album, Fathers & Sons. The main subject was fatherhood, Combs' leading inspiration behind the album.

Combs and his wife, Nicole, have two children: Tex and Beau. Beau, born in August of 2023, arrived about two and a half weeks earlier than expected. Combs was touring in Australia at the time, missing Beau's birth. Combs opened up regarding how much his absence hurt.

"I'll never forget the craziest day, probably, in my life, close to it. One of the best and one of the worst days in my life at the same time, interestingly enough, and it's so hard to wrap my mind around it," Combs began.

"It's August 16th. I wake up in the morning. I'm in Sydney, Australia, in a hotel room, and we're on tour in Australia. I probably woke up at around 8:00 AM or something like that, Australia time, and I had a text from my wife. And it said, 'I'm so sorry, I really tried to not have the baby while you're gone.' ... And God, dude, it sucked."

Luke Combs Missed The Birth Of His Son, Beau, And It Still Affects Him

"It sucked because he was born on August 15th in the States. I got to see him be born, which was awesome. He wasn't born yet, but my wife went, she texted me on the way to the hospital, and he was two and a half weeks early and I was supposed to be home and I wasn't."

In the video version of the podcast, you can see how much it pains Combs to not have been there. "That was real hard to do, and I haven't really told anybody that," Combs confessed. "I didn't cover that too much in this album because it's really hard for me to deal with."

But through it all, Combs found a newfound strength after Beau's birth. "It's a defining moment in my life for sure. It sums up, in a lot of ways, some of the bad parts of the music business — the leaving, and your schedule's crazy and you're traveling all over the place. It's not like I can drop everything I'm doing and fly 18 hours home."