Luke Combs & Theo Von Argue The Future of Concerts Are in... Buffets??
(Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for BetMGM)

Luke Combs & Theo Von Argue The Future Of Concerts Are In... Food Buffets??

More people will go to concerts if there's food involved. No, not the kind where you go to an event and a lousy hot dog and drink combo teeters around $20. I'm talking something for the common man. Luke Combs and Theo Von discuss a hilarious, deceptively great idea.

On another episode of comedian Theo Von's podcast, the two discuss Combs' new album Fathers & Sons. In light of the album, Luke talks about the benefit of his touring schedule, keeping him closer to his family. When he finishes his stadium packed shows, he travels back home and spends time with his wife and kids. Given the family talk, buffets come into the conversation between Von and Combs. Naturally, Theo comes up with an absurd but potentially innovative idea.

Luke Combs and The 'Kids Eat Free Tour'

Theo Von argues that if Luke Combs is quite the family man, there's a genius idea to emphasize that dynamic. "That would be the best tour you could have, if you had a 'Kids Eat Free Tour,'" he declares.

Combs hysterically laughs. Combining "Fast Car" with a plate of ribs is a hilarious bit of imagery. But once Luke gets the giggles out of his system, he grins and thinks about the logistics. "Sponsored by Ryan's buffet, or Golden Corral, either one," Combs remarks.

To be fair, this is great for Golden Corral publicity. Feed a whole city's worth of children while one of the biggest country stars in the world sings. Furthermore, Luke Combs gets into his marketing genius by breaking it down into a sales pitch. "Concerts will be events. Food will be how to get people to events. Pay for the show, stay for the food," Combs explains.

Frankly, I don't see a situation where people don't comically exploit this Good Samaritan gesture. If it were me, I'd absolutely have one of the kids smuggle me a plate of chicken and mac & cheese. Now that's real family dynamics. Who knows if anyone involved would recoup but I'll tell you one thing: people will buy a Luke Combs ticket for it.