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Flashback: Country Boys Cover Luke Combs' 'Hurricane' in the Middle of Walmart

Man, Walmart really does have it all. The mega retailer prides itself on somehow being a place where you can pick up a car battery, turkey and bean bag chair like it's just another Tuesday night. Apparently, it's also a spot to see a Luke Combs cover band.

Back in 2017, these two country boys chose the grocery section of Walmart as their gig for the day. Clad in an American flag-brimmed cowboy hat and overalls, Chandler Roberts belted his best Luke Combs impression to a small group of passersby.

With his trusty guitarist friend, Roberts gives it his all. In a video shared to Facebook, we see Roberts start during the chorus. He drums along with his hands, either for effect or out of nerves. But he really does go for it.

The noticeable drawl of Combs' voice comes out in Roberts, too. It's an admirable effort. And also just flat out funny.

Actor Anthony Ramsey shared the video on his Facebook page. The clip now has more than 50,000 shares and 2.5 million views. Hey, whatever it takes, right?

See Roberts' cover of Luke Combs' "Hurricane" below.

Extra credit to Roberts for simulating the "delay" effect when he sings the word "warning" after the bridge. That's commitment to the original. Also funny: the people in the background who just keep going on with their business because it's Walmart and what do you expect?

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There's a lot of promise in Roberts' voice. Now if he can write songs as catchy as Combs' "Hurricane," he may just have a shot. But if not, expect to see him on some reality singing show soon, because TV producers eat this stuff up.

As for the real Luke Combs, "Hurricane" was a massive hit for him, reaching No. 1 on country radio and earning more than 63 million streams (and counting) on Spotify.

This article was originally published in June of 2017, but we loved it so much we're sharing it again. 

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