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Luke Bryan Gets Emotional Over Son's 10th Birthday Present

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline planned a special surprise for their son Tate's 10th birthday present. The surpirse was truly priceless: a visit from his cousin Til, who was visiting home from college.

"I'm literally crying," says Bryan, who's filming the video as his son runs and jumps into the arms of Til.

"Omg. I'm crying. Tate just got his 10th birthday surprise," Bryan wrote in Instagram. "Til!!!Happy birthday buddy. 😭"


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While Til is technically Tate's cousin, he's really more of a brother to the 10-year old. After the tragic death of Bryan's sister Kelly and his brother-in-law Ben, Luke and Caroline raised the children, daughters Kris and Jordan and son Til, as their own. 

Til recently left for college in Georgia. Caroline Bryan shared a photo of her dropping Til off at school.

"I left a big piece of my heart today in Georgia," she wrote. "Been dreading this day for years, but I guess it's time for Til to fly. Still can't handle it right now! Good luck in college my sweet boy. 💛"

"I keep looking to see if his truck is parked next to mine," Luke Bryan commented.

Bryan released his new album Born Here Live Here Die Here on August 7.

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