Inside Luke Bryan's Life as a Family Man

Married to his college sweetheart Caroline Boyer, Luke Bryan has always been the ultimate family man. He's open about loving his Georgia upbringing on his father's peanut farm and is now a father himself to sons Bo and Tate.

The two-time CMA Entertainer of the Year winner has said that he raises his kids to embrace a country life based on his own upbringing. He loves taking the boys fishing and really honoring the country lifestyle.

Many might not realize that surrounding his incredible country music career, Bryan has endured serious family tragedy.

His brother Chris tragically died in a car accident in 2000, which actually led him to postpone moving to Nashville. Instead, he went to Georgia Southern University, where he met Caroline. But Bryan has said that his father was adamant about him pursuing his dreams and eventually convinced him to make a move to Music City.

Things really kicked off for the country singer starting with his first single, "All My Friends Say." His career turned him into a bonafide country star and even an American Idol judge. But unfortunately, there was another loss for the Bryan family in 2007.

His sister Kelly passed away from unknown causes when she was home along with her three-year-old. No one was able to determine what had happened, which must have made it hard for the family to digest. Kelly's husband Ben was left to care for their three children, daughters Kris and Jordan and son, Til.

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When Bryan's brother-in-law Ben passed away seven years later in 2014, Luke and his wife Caroline didn't hesitate taking custody of their nieces and nephew. All of a sudden, he went from being a dad of two small boys to also raising teenagers. It was definitely an adjustment for the family, but the couple didn't think twice. Caroline Bryan has even said that despite the horrible tragedy their family decided to embrace the new normal and make the best of it. All of a sudden Bo and Tate had two older sisters and an older brother.

The country superstar puts his family first every day and has said that there is nothing more special than when they can be together, even describing jumping in to help parent Kris, Jordan and Til as an honor.

This article was originally published in 2019. 

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Inside Luke Bryan's Life as a Family Man