Loretta Lynn's Son Ernie Has Major Surgery As Family Asks For Privacy
Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Americana Music

Loretta Lynn's Son Ernie Has Major Surgery As Family Asks For Privacy

Loretta Lynn's son Ernie still has a long way to go to recovery after being hospitalized for an undisclosed medical issue. His wife Crystal provided an update on how he's doing.

In a Facebook post, Crystal asked for privacy during this difficult time. She said that she wouldn't be revealing what kind of surgery he had, but he is slowly on the mend. She wrote, "Many of you have asked how Ernie is doing, where he is, or what type of surgery that he had. I know that social media has made it easy for us all to share things that we normally wouldn't, however in this instance I'm going to keep the details of his health private out of respect for him, as well as because not everyone out there means well and might misuse the information."

She said that Loretta Lynn's son still has a long road ahead, but they're hopeful that he will be leaving the hospital soon. She continued, "That being said, Ernie continues to make small improvements each day and will hopefully be able to be discharged soon so that he may return home to continue healing. He has a long road ahead of him, as you've seen, but he is a fighter and God is fighting for him as well, so I'm confidant that he will pull through these unexpected adversities."

Loretta Lynn's Son Ernie Battling Health Issues

She asked people to keep their distance while he heals. Right now, the Lynn family is concerned about potential illness and viruses. Crystal said, "It's going to take him a while to heal so we ask that even if you see him out and about, to PLEASE be respectful of his space. We have to be very gentle with him right now as well as keep him as healthy as possible. Although it might not be hard on you, a simple cold, Covid, the flu, etc... could be fatal to him."

Likewise, she said that Ernie still has open wounds that need healing. She continued, "In addition to that, he had major surgery. He is still healing. He has open wounds....so as happy as you are for him right now, a simple pat on the back or a hug could cause him to experience extreme pain right now, so again, we appreciate you respecting his space."

Loretta Lynn's son Ernie has been battling kidney failure for some time. The family is hopeful for a transplant.