Lizzie Borden Home For Sale
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Lizzie Borden's Final Home is For Sale in Time for Halloween

Lizzie Borden's legend is one of the greatest mysteries in Massachusetts. In 1893, she was famously acquitted for the murder of her father and stepmother who had been found hacked to death with a hatchet the prior year. Her family's home has now been turned into The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum and welcomes curious visitors from around the country each year to see if Andrew and Abby Borden still haunt the building where their lives were cut short. 

But just down French Street from the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River is Maplecroft Mansion, the Queen Anne Victorian home where the accused ax murderer lived until her death. Initially, Donald Woods and Lee-ann Wilber, current owners of the Bed and Breakfast, bought the house with plans of adding it to their properties as a companion museum. But after hundreds of thousands of dollars and the current pandemic, Woods decided he didn't have it in him anymore and put the house on the market

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Jerry Pacheco, operations manager of the Lizzie Borden B&B, told Boston Magazine that they definitely discovered some ghosts in Maplecroft while they were fixing it up. 

"Honestly, that house has a lot of paranormal activity in it," Pacheco says, speaking from the allegedly haunted Borden B&B. "Even more than here, I would say."

True crime fanatics rejoice for the opportunity to take a peek inside where true crime legend Lizzie Bordon actually lived (and most likely still haunts). This 4,000 square-foot, seven bedroom home has six fireplaces, three and 1/2 bathrooms, beautiful stained glass, walnut wainscoting and inlaid parquet floors. The previous owners really did the Victorian home justice with its upgrades. For $890,000 this historic property could be yours.

This sunporch is so dreamy.

How about this stunning living room? Borden may have been an accused murderer, but she had great taste.

This bedroom is large and lovely. Maybe you'll catch a glimpse of Lizzie herself in that mirror.

This old school kitchen and its black island are amazing.

But really this entryway with the massive staircase is what makes it.

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