16 Popular Brands You Probably Have in Your Liquor Cabinet

When it gets to 5 o'clock on Friday, it's time for happy hour with friends to unwind and celebrate the weekend. Many people have a go-to cocktail, maybe depending on price or the season. No matter your choice, you've probably noticed that your happy hour experience is improved when you're not drinking from the bottom shelf. Here are 15 of the most popular and high quality liquor brands to start your weekend right.

1. Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel's American whiskey is a classic that can be found in any whiskey-lover's liquor cabinet. This Tennessee whiskey is one of the most popular liquor brands in America and worldwide. From the apple flavored to the honey to the gentlemen jack, you can't go wrong with Jack Daniel's. The single barrel barrel proof bottle is an especially classy option on the rocks or in a cocktail.

2. Dewar's

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Another well loved whisky is Dewar's, a blended Scotch whisky owned by Bacardi. This popular spirits brand is the world's most awarded Scotch whisky, with over 500 medals! Dewar's is made in the Scottish highlands, just a few miles from the birthplace of John Dewar, the brand's founder. Enjoy your Dewar's in a highball to start the night right.

3. Jim Beam

Jim Beam bourbon is another liquor that we can't get enough of in the United States. This popular bourbon whiskey is made in Kentucky, and has been produced by the Beam family for seven generations. For a sweet version, try the vanilla flavored bourbon that came out in 2017. If you're in the mood for a classic, the Jim Beam Black bottle is a flavorful option perfect for savoring.

4. Johnnie Walker

This scotch whisky is a beloved liquor brand that any whisky aficionado should have on hand. While each Johnnie Walker bottle tastes distinctive, the brand is known overall for its smooth texture and robust flavor, full of subtle notes of spice and fruit. This blended malt whisky goes great in an old fashioned or highball.

5. Hennessy


Hennessy is a classy liquor choice, made for those who appreciate the finer things in life. The Hennessy distillery is in the Cognac region of France, where seven generations of distillers from the Fillioux family have created this flavorful liquor. Hennessy is the perfect liquor brand to drink neat or on the rocks for a satisfying and relaxing experience.

6. Hendricksliquor brands

Hendricks gin is a favorite among gin drinkers, its smooth flavor making it easy to drink. Hendricks gin is distilled in Scotland, and its distillery creatively uses plants from all over the world. Hendricks is made in small batches, and one of the more flavorful is infused with cucumber and rose petals. Hendricks is the ideal liquor brand for a refreshing and tasty gin and tonic.

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7. Crown Royal

Another whiskey, Crown Royal is a Canadian whiskey that has gained worldwide appreciation. This Diageo-owned whiskey is multi-grain blended, with a smooth finish and a mild flavor, with a similar flavor to rye whiskey. Crown Royal has a flavor for everyone, from salted caramel to peach.

8. Jameson

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No list of popular liquor brands would be complete without a mention of Jameson! This Irish whiskey sells 1 million bottles a year, and it can be found in the liquor cabinet of anyone who likes their liquor dark. Jameson is considered a versatile and clean whiskey that goes great on its own or as part of a mixed drink.

9. Old Forester

Old Forester Kentucky Straight bourbon is known to provide amazing flavor for a great price. This rye whiskey has a deliciously spicy flavor with notes of black pepper, and it's a tasty warm liquor to settle in with on a weekend or drink before a night out. Old Forester is especially tasty in a classic bourbon smash or highball.

10. Grey Goose


This premium vodka is one of the most popular vodka brands enjoyed worldwide. Vodka drinkers love its smooth and silky flavor, the ideal choice for a vodka soda. Grey Goose is a French vodka distilled from winter wheat, and it's known as a middle-shelf vodka that always delivers in taste and quality.

11. Absolut

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Another dependably delicious vodka, Absolut is a Swedish liquor brand renowned for its smooth and mellow taste. Absolut is considered as clean as a vodka could be, which is why so many vodka lovers claim it as a favorite. This Swedish vodka is made from natural ingredients and has no added sugar, which accounts for its smooth taste. Enjoy Absolut neat, on the rocks or as part of a classy martini.

12. Smirnoff

This popular vodka is one of the world's best-selling vodkas, with a super smooth and classic taste. Smirnoff is owned by Diageo, and it is the largest vodka brand worldwide. Smirnoff is especially known for its plenitude of delicious flavors. Whether you want caramel, vanilla, raspberry or peppermint, Smirnoff's got it. This classic is an inexpensive and dependable vodka to enjoy on any celebratory occasion.

13. Captain Morgan

Back to the dark liquor, Captain Morgan is one of the most frequently bought rum brands. This Diageo-owned brand is refreshing and reliable, an excellent choice for high-quality liquor that doesn't break the bank. Captain Morgan spiced rum is yummy in a classic rum and coke or a tropical punch.

14. Bacardiliquor brands

Another tasty rum brand, this top seller is provides a taste of the Caribbean with its spiced flavoring. Bacardi has a balanced taste, making it versatile for a large number of cocktails. Made in Puerto Rico and Mexico, Bacardi is light and crisp, delicious when mixed into a daiquiri, mojito or pina colada.

15. Jose Cuervo


Jose Cuervo, the number one tequila, is a Mexican brand with a reputation for top quality. The best-selling brand of tequila worldwide, Jose Cuervo is a delicious tequila that manages to provide value without being too expensive. Jose Cuervo is best enjoyed in a tequila sunrise or margarita.

16. Patron

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Last but not least, Patron is a premium tequila that has earned its spot as high-end liquor. Patron is 100% de agave, and its agave-forward flavor comes from the authentic process used in its creation. Patron is owned by Bacardi, and it's best enjoyed when sipped and savored. For a well-rounded Patron experience, try it in silver, reposado and añejo to find your favorite Patron.

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