Everything to Know About 'The Libbys,' The New Librarian Voted Book Awards

Elliot Page and Barbra Streisand are finalists for the best books of 2023.

Move over New York Times Best Sellers list. There's a new literary accolade in town — Libby the Library app.

Libby, an app that gives you access to thousands of ebooks, digital audiobooks and magazines for free (all courtesy of your public library), recently announced the finalists for the first-ever Libby Book Awards. Also cheekily referred to as The Libbys, these awards will recognize outstanding works of fiction and non-fiction released over the past year, as chosen by a panel made up of the most expert book recommenders: librarians.

Out of the thousands of new titles to hit bookstores in 2023, the librarian panel narrowed down the nominees to just five finalists in each of the 17 award categories.

Those same librarians — along with a few library workers — will vote on the winners in each category. After the votes have been counted, the inaugural Libby Award winners will be announced live via Zoom, YouTube, or Facebook Live on Tuesday, March 12, at 7 p.m. EST.

Among the nominees are some of the biggest names in not only literature (like Ann Patchett and Zadie Smith), but the entertainment industry at large. Elliot Page and Barbra Streisand are both up for the Best Memoir and Autobiography award for their respective books, "Pageboy" and "My Name is Barbra." You'll probably recognize a few of BookTok's 2023 favorites as well as some popular Romantasy picks.

"Writing a book has come up a few times over the years, but it never felt right and quite frankly, it didn't feel possible," Page wrote on Instagram in December 2022, announcing his new memoir about his experience as a transgender actor. "The act of writing, reading, and sharing the multitude of our experiences is an important step in standing up to those who wish to silence and harm us. Books have helped me, saved me even, so I hope this can help someone feel less alone, feel seen, no matter who they are or what path they are on."

Streisand's candid memoir, on the other hand, delves into her life as one of the most iconic performers in history. It's 900 pages worth of never-before-shared stories and reflections from the singer and actor. "When I finished the book, I thought, God, I hope people like this book," she told Variety. "It was a long time, and I forgot what I wrote 10 years ago, when I started the book. It's been a long journey."

So, what other titles may potentially take home a Libby Award this year? Read on for the full list of finalists.

Finalists for Best Adult Fiction

Nothing beats curling up with a good novel, and these five riveting titles are sure to keep you turning the pages:

Finalists for Best Adult Nonfiction

In the nonfiction category, these five titles offer a wide range of topics and perspectives on the issues and events that shaped our world:

Finalists for Best Young Adult Fiction

YA reads aren't just for teens. These five titles gained a following among readers of all ages and offer unique perspectives on adolescence and coming-of-age:

Finalists for Best Audiobook

Need a new audiobook to listen to on your commute or morning walks? These five titles were highly praised for their narrators and captivating stories:

Finalists for Best Debut Author

You never know when an up-and-coming author will become a household name. Get ahead of the curve by checking out these new writers who are already making a splash in the literary world:

  • Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah
  • Marisa Crane
  • Ana Reyes
  • Selby Wynn Schwartz
  • Alice Winn

Finalists for Best Diverse Author

Representation matters, and these authors are breaking barriers with their diverse voices and stories:

Finalists for Best Comic/Graphic Novel

For those who prefer visual storytelling, these comic and graphic novel nominees are sure to captivate:

Finalists for Best Memoir & Autobiography

Getting inside the minds of your favorite authors, actors, and public figures has never been easier. Check Libby's top memoir and autobiography picks:

Finalists for Best Cookbook

There's nothing like a good cookbook to inspire you to try new recipes and techniques in the kitchen — and these finalists are filled with some seriously drool-worthy recipes:

Finalists for Best Mystery

Secrets, lies, and thrilling plot twists — these librarian-loved mystery novels have it all:

Finalists for Best Thriller

Like your books to keep you up all night? These heart-pounding thrillers will have you on the edge of your sea:

Finalists for Best Romance

Get swept off your feet with these swoon-worthy love stories:

Finalists for Best Fantasy

We all could use a little escapism these days. Dive into the magical worlds of these fantasy finalists and leave your worries behind:

Finalists for Best Romantasy

There is no better fusion of genres than romance and fantasy. These romantasy reads will take you on an epic journey through love and magic:

Finalists for Best Science Fiction

Everyone loves a genre that pushes boundaries and explores the unknown. These sci-fi books will take you on thrilling adventures through space and time:

Finalists for Best Historical Fiction

Reimagine the past with these compelling historical fiction reads. These titles will transport you to a different time and place, where you'll experience love, drama, and a hefty dose of adventure:

Finalists for Best Book Club Pick

If you're looking for your next book club pick, Libby's got you covered. These thought-provoking and engaging reads are perfect for discussions with friends:

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