Photo of George Jones and Tammy Wynette (Photo by GAB Archive/Redferns)/ Patty Loveless performs at Shoreline Amphitheatre on September 18, 1993 in Mountain View, California. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)
Photo of George Jones and Tammy Wynette (Photo by GAB Archive/Redferns)/ Patty Loveless performs at Shoreline Amphitheatre on September 18, 1993 in Mountain View, California. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

14 Country Love Songs That are Perfect for Valentine's Day


We're so used to turning to country music in times of heartbreak that it's easy to forget all the great love songs the genre has given us. For every song of sorrow over a cheating spouse, there's a song for when love goes right. Beyond the smash hits, there are a number of great under-the-radar country songs for the most romantic day of the year. Here are 14 lesser-known country love songs that are perfect for Valentine's Day.

14. "Something to Brag About," George Jones and Tammy Wynette

Originally recorded by Charlie Louvin and Melba Montgomery, George and Tammy's irresistible chemistry shines on "Something to Brag About." Written by Bobby Braddock, the song follows a down and out couple who know that all they really need is each other.

13. "Love is on a Roll," Don Williams


This groove from the Gentle Giant celebrates the everyday pleasures of being in love. Written by Roger Cook and John Prine, the song hit No. 1 on the country charts in 1983. Though it's sometimes overshadowed by Williams' other hits, "Love is on a Roll" is one of the greatest country love songs of the 1980s.

12. "I Fell in Love," Carlene Carter

Carlene Carter's 1990 Rockabilly-inspired song "I Fell in Love" is a tribute to brand new love. Carter  leaves behind the saccharine, sappy phrases, instead comparing the intensity of her romance to getting hit "right between the eyes with a two-by-four."

11. "Amen Kind of Love," Daryle Singletary


Nineties traditionalist Daryle Singletary sang the praises of an eternal love in his 1997 hit "Amen Kind of Love." The song, written by Trey Bruce and Wayne Tester, remains one of the most underrated '90s country love songs.

10. "My Favorite Picture of You," Guy Clark

Guy Clark had the ability to devastate listeners with a seemingly simple turn of phrase. Never was that more clear than on his final studio album My Favorite Picture of YouOn the album's title track, Clark honors his late wife Susanna Clark. The song is not born out of the best day in the couple's relationship. Instead, it recalls a time of turmoil and anger. It's a reminder that love isn't always easy, but even the hard times are worth cherishing.

9. "Old Time's Sake," Charlie Worsham


Country singer Charlie Worsham's "Old Time's Sake" takes a cue from George Strait's "The Chair," using a conversational style to tell the story of new love. It's a boy-meets-girl song with an unexpected ending.

8. "Old Country," Mark Chesnutt

Mark Chesnutt's 1992 single "Old Country" tells the story of two star-crossed lovers -- one from Alabama and one from Ohio -- who find love against all odds.

7. "Jackpot," Nikki Lane


Nikki Lane channels her inner-Elvis in her 2017 single "Jackpot," a song about finally finding a winner in the search for true love.

6. "Way Down in My Soul," Zephaniah OHora

A modern classic that sounds straight out of 1960s Nashville, Zephaniah OHora's "Way Down in My Soul" is about finding a soulmate who changes your outlook on life.

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5. "She is My Everything," John Prine

John Prine is no stranger to writing about pain and isolation, but as one of the greatest songwriters in history, he can also write one of the best love songs you've ever heard. "She is My Everything" is about falling in love with your partner's idiosyncrasies and the beauty of discovery in a long relationship.

4. "Country Love Song," Sam Outlaw

"Country Love Song," from Sam Outlaw's incredible 2015 album Angeleno, follows a man in a long distance relationship who knows that nothing cuts to the heart like classic country gold.


3. "Like Water Into Wine," Patty Loveless

One of the most beautiful and striking songs from Patty Loveless' already impressive catalog, "Like Water Into Wine" captures a couple in the middle of reconnecting after a fight.

2. "I'll Go to My Grave Loving You," Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis

Singer-songwriters Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis team up for a cover of the Statler Brothers "I'll Got to My Grave Loving You," an ode to the power of forever love.


1. "I'd Have to Be Crazy," Willie Nelson

Written by legendary Texas singer-songwriter Steve Fromholz and recorded by Willie Nelson in 1976, "I'd Have to Be Crazy" follows a man who takes comfort in the fact that he's still in love with his partner. It's definitely one of the stranger country love songs ever recorded. But that's what makes it one of the best.

This article was originally published in 2017.