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Luke Bryan's Mom is a Born Entertainer Just Like Her Son

Country music superstar Luke Bryan's mom, LeClaire Bryan, has turned into a social media darling thanks to Bryan's wife Caroline Bryan sharing charming videos on Instagram. LeClaire now has her own social following, and we can't get enough of her hilarious antics. If you're looking for a guaranteed way to brighten your day, this is it. 

Earlier this year, her daughter-in-law Caroline documented how she helped her husband and kids plot a 73rd birthday surprise for LeClaire.

Videos and photos posted in a collage by Caroline include a clip in which the whole family explains that LeClaire doesn't know they're near her Mexico Beach, Florida. Earlier in the collage, Luke's all decked out in University of Georgia gear and plotting to scare his mama.

LeClaire and her daughter-in-law have the fun-loving relationship you didn't know you needed to follow along with. Luke's mother has all the same Georgia southern charm we've grown to love in the singer. LeClaire even appears in her son's video "One Margarita" — as the life of the party of course. 


She's also completely hilarious and provides evidence of where the country star inherited his humor. The family has recently had a hilarious prank war on Instagram. Whether it's Caroline vs Luke or Caroline vs her mother-in-law, you'll be in stitches reading through the posts. 

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Just like the beloved entertainer, LeClaire has endured much heartache as a member of the Bryan family. Her son Chris passed away in a car accident, prompting Luke to cancel his move to pursue music in Nashville to attend college close to home at Georgia State, where he met his longtime love Caroline Boyer

Just a few days after Luke made his Grand Ole Opry debut in 2007, his sister Kelly also passed away, followed by her husband, Ben Lee Cheshire, in 2014. Luke and his wife Caroline adopted their three children, Tilden, Kris and Jordan. As Luke tells Billboard, the loss of her children remains difficult for his mother to this day.

"It forever altered my mother's belief systems. I'll get random calls from her when she's having bad days. One day, she's missing my brother, and one day, she's missing my sister, and one day, she wants to be around me more, because I'm all she's got left. We give Mama the benefit of the doubt on stuff. She has suffered a lot of pain as a mother, losing two children."

Unfortunately, in 2018, Hurricane Michael seriously damaged LeClaire's home in Mexico Beach, Florida. But despite all of the lemons that were thrown her way, Luke's mom is definitely making lemonade. She spends a lot of time with her son and his wife, and her grandchildren. And she constantly has a smile on her face. As Caroline tells CMT, LeClaire owns who she is and makes no apologies.

"She owns it. She's a mess. She knows she's funny. Do you remember the character from the Hallmark cards, Maxine? She was an old lady smoking a cigarette, drinking her coffee? She's Maxine. There is no filter."

This story originally ran on Aug. 25, 2020.

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