Lake Travis Zipline Adventures

The Longest, Fastest Zipline in Texas Lets You Soar Across Lake Travis

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that even applies to our ziplines. Well, at least in length. Austin is home of the Lake Travis Zipline Adventures, which lets you ride on the longest zipline in the entire state in the stunning Texas Hill Country.

That's right, thrill-seekers. The new season will start again on March 1, and you'll get to zipline all the way over Lake Travis. Book your zipline tour for $125 per person, which will give you access to the Zip Island Beach Club for you to enjoy a drink at the lakefront bar after an afternoon of ziplining. Just make sure to make a reservation first and you can relax in one of the hammocks overlooking the beautiful lake!

Your tour will let you go zipping across the beautiful Austin lake for 3 hours, with the price including equipment, water, a snack and transportation by boat. There are five different ziplines that range in length from 300 to over 2,800 feet so there's something for everyone in case the longest is a bit too long for your first time. 

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If you're feeling extra ambitious, try one of their "Night Flights," which involves zip lining in the dark. Don't worry, the tour guides provide participants with headlamps and glowsticks. 

If you want to make a night of it, consider staying at the Lodge. The cabin on this private lakefront property can sleep up to 7 guests at one time, starting at $185 per night on weeknights and $225 on weekends. You'll also get a 10% discount for your outdoor adventures on the zipline. 

If you're looking for not only the longest but the fastest zipline in Texas with amazing views you can't beat, visit Lake Travis Zipline Adventure's website for more information on booking tickets for your zipline experience. Call your friends, mark your calendar, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

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