Lainey Wilson Sets The Record Straight About Those Weight Loss Rumors
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Lainey Wilson Sets The Record Straight About Those Weight Loss Rumors

Lainey Wilson is a bit sick of everyone obsessing over her body. The country singer set the record straight about weight loss rumors, according to Today.

Tabloids began reporting that the singer lost 70 pounds. However, appearing on the Big D & Bubba radio show, the singer denied those reports. She squashed them as nonsense.

"Hell no!" she said. "I have lost weight. I probably lost about 20 pounds."

The singer previously took to social media to blast fake ads that she was taking weight loss gummies. She said it was nothing but a load of nonsense. "Alright y'all, by now I'm sure a lot y'all have seen some ads about me losing weight, being hospitalized and then I started taking some weight loss gummies and blah blah blah that saved my life. Well, surprise, it ain't true," she said in a video message. "People will do whatever to make a dollar, even if it is lies. Cause ain't nobody sent me any gummies."

"PSA if y'all have seen these ads, they're entirely fake. Don't fall for them and help me out by reporting them when you see them ??," she captioned the post.

Lainey Wilson Talks Weight Loss

However, she said performance and her active schedule are the reasons behind any weight loss. The singer has been busy, and she's had a very hectic but successful year. "If I have lost weight, it's because I am working hard and playing hour-and-a-half shows and running around every night of my life," she said in her Instagram video. "And to be honest me losing weight or gaining weight ain't got anything to do with my music."

However, she said she always tries to work out despite how busy things are.  "If I don't actually get a workout in during the day I don't feel bad because I know I'm gonna get one that night," she said.

"I will say I feel like I'm becoming a little bit more prepared than I used to be," she said. "I really do enjoy meal prepping and having things handy, because I feel like when you don't have those things handy, that's when you mess up and that's when you eat something that makes you feel bad."

However, the singer is a bit sick of seeing so many obsess over her body.

"I can't even scroll on TikTok on my 'For You' page without seeing my fat butt on everything," she said. "It says hashtag-trend! Whatever brings the people in, whatever brings the people in! But I'm just letting y'all know, go check out my record, Bell Bottom Country. Happy to have ya either way. However you found me, I'm happy. I'm happy you're here!