Lainey Wilson Gets Candid About New Album 'Whirlwind'
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Lainey Wilson Gets Candid About New Album 'Whirlwind'

Lainey Wilson thrives on top of the mountain of country music. She records albums and singles fans can't help but love and adore. She crosses over into Hollywood at her whim because of the Yellowstone connection. Legends all collectively take turns lauding her as the future of Nashville. Wilson even has dedicated haters from the Morgan Wallen community when she wins awards over him. These are the markings of a huge artist in the industry.

Recently, Lainey appears on a recent podcast episode of 'Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist' to discuss her new album 'Whirlwind.' She takes the time during the interview to outline the tumultuous and uncertain journey that brings her to the ball today.

Lainey pens her first hit with "Man Oughtta Know." Still, it didn't exactly catapult her into instant stardom the way it might for others. "Even after "Things A Man Oughta Know," with our first hit, I could barely sell a ticket," she explains. "It was the strangest thing. A lot of people know the songs on the radio, but they don't know who sings them. Like I need to be on TikTok as much as I can, they need to know me as a friend, and then get to know my music."

Lainey Wilson Reveals How Her New Album 'Whirlwind' Keeps Her Grounded Amidst Massive Success

Once Lainey wrangles in the 'Yellowstone' connection, fans finally start to snap their fingers and realize who they're watching. Still, she knows that the goal doesn't involve kicking her feet up and enjoying TV show success. The dream lives and breathes on country success. "These past few years have just been wild. Just trying to keep one foot on the ground and keep my eye on the prize, and just make sure I keep showing up to do what I said I was going to do," Wilson continues.

It's Lainey Wilson's new album 'Whirlwind' that acts as a reflection of these dizzying few years. It allows her to really knuckle down and take stock in how far she's come. Moreover, she realizes that none of this happens if she acts like someone she's not. The album acts as a stern reminder to stay true to herself wholeheartedly. "I felt like I wanted to share a part of me that I didn't even know existed like I wanted to find that. I think these last couple of years, because it has been a constant leveling up, I cannot let go of who I am to my core. Because the music's not going to be the same," she emphasizes. "So, for me, when I was writing this record, I was making dang sure that both of my feet were planted on the ground."